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'Hercules' concept art shows off a BlackBerry 10 smartwatch

By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2013 01:24 pm

A member of the CrackBerry forums has posted up a fan-made concept for a line of BlackBerry products. Dubbed 'Hercules', the set includes not only a phone but a tablet and smartwatch as well. BlackBerry has never dabbled in the smartwatch field so we're not sure that something like this would ever see the light of day, but it's still something we think many BlackBerry fans could go for. 

Currently the Pebble is only smartwatch that plays nice with BlackBerry 10 (through unofficial apps) but we'd hope to see more watches support the platform down the road. 

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Reader comments

'Hercules' concept art shows off a BlackBerry 10 smartwatch


I agree! I'm really liking my Pebble, and I know they had to make some material sacrifices to get down to that $150 sweet spot, but when the inevitable next model comes out, I'd love to see a version with higher-end construction.

I tend to ignore fan concepts, but this is really cool.

I understand the need for BBRY to drill down to the basics right now, but I'd rock this... just sayin'...

Should be fine...but if it were ever to be made; it might only work on another platform after a few decades, when they decide to write the apps. hehe

Actually, Chen looks like he might want to actually get things done so it would probably be launched on all four platforms (again, on the miniscule chance that they ever made a smartwatch).

I like this! I haven't worn a watch since I got my 9900 two years ago and I'm hoping there's a more feminine smartwatch out there but I'd definitely take a look at this. Hope BlackBerry 10 devices do get a proper smartwatch integration - not just "unofficial apps".

A smartwatch that connects to my BB10 device would be a dream come true. Right now I have not seen one that does without a lot of monkeying around. I would love a smartwatch, but I'm not giving up my BB device to get one.