One of the newest and most talked about phones right now is the Galaxy Note 5. While a lot of people are excited to get their hands on it, Ed from TechSource put together this great video breaking down his Top 10 reasons NOT buy the Galaxy Note 5. They are as follows.

Reason #1. There is no SD expansion. While the Note 4 allowed you to take the back cover off and add an SD expansion card, Samsung decided to remove this ability on the Note 5. The max capacity a Note 5 comes with is 64GB, which may not be enough for some.

Reason #2. Similar to the SD expansion, Samsung decided to ditch the removable battery on the Note 5. As we saw with the Galaxy line, the Note series has now moved away from allowing swappable batteries as well. Although the advancement in smaller battery banks offer a solution, it's convenient to swap in your extra battery and go.

Reason #3. No IR (Infrared) Blaster means you can't use your Note 5 as a remote for your favorite electronic devices such as your TV or Stereo.

Reason #4. The Glass back. Same as the Galaxy S6, the Note 5 features both front and back glass, meaning the chances of dropping and cracking one of them is twice as likely. The back glass also more attracts fingerprints and scratches.

Reason #5. No front speakers means the quality of the sound during gaming and video playback is not as immersive. Depending on how you hold your phone may also result in your speakers getting covered and muffled by your hand.

Reason #6. The Capacitive buttons are hard to reach and are sensitive which often results in the palm of your hand hitting them while you are scrolling higher on the phone.

Reason #7. The Phones too big, at 5.7" it's one of the bigger smartphones out there, but you can't fault the Note 5 for that as that has always been its niche. We can let this one slide.

Reason #8. Ed is not a fan of Touch Wiz being pre-installed by Samsung, and not offering search feature for apps or a scroll to the top feature found on the iPhone.

Reason #9. The Note 5 is not a waterproof device even though Samsung has offered IPX7 cerified devices before. Many other phones on the market do offer waterproofing like the Xperia Z3, and with the Note 5 being a closed back device it would have seemed easier make the Note 5 IPX7 certified.

Reason #10. Lastly, this could be more so a complaint about Android phones in general and not just the Note 5, there is no physical vibrate mode toggle switch. Found on the iPhone and the One Plus 2, it is the simplest and fastest way to manage your phone ringer.

There you have it, Ed from TechSource breaks down his Top 10 reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Note 5. We should throw one more reason in there that he didn't mention and that has been making news this week, and that's the issue with the stylus pen. Inserting the stylus backwards has been resulting in the pen detection breaking for many users. Having another thing to worry about makes the Note 5 less desirable than its predecessor. Losing the removable battery, no SD card expandability, stylus pen issues, and a 220 mAh reduction in battery capacity make the Note 5 upgrade seem questionable.

Source : TechSource

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