Yesterday we featured an article giving you ten reasons why you should not buy the new Galaxy Note 5. Today we bring you seven reasons why you should. We actually could not find a video of anyone giving us ten full reasons to match the other one, but this will hopefully still demonstrate the great features the Note 5 does offer. Thanks to Youtuber Karl Conrad for the video and first five reasons.

Reason #1. The build quality. The quality of the phone and how great it looks and feels in the hand is impeccable. The solid glass design with no plastic back covering give it a polished feel and put it in the same league as the S6 and iPhone 6. The phone simply looks amazing, even if it is a fingerprint magnet.

Reason #2. The 5.7" QHD Super AMOLED display is amazing, the contrast and brightness are top notch, and Samsung continues to make the best displays in the business. Resolution is 2560 x 1440 which gives the Note 5 a Pixel Per Inch density of 518.

Reason #3. Tech Specs and Performance are also top notch. Running an Exynos 7420 Octa-Core 2.1 GHZ CPU with 4GB of RAM gives the Note 5 some of the best specs out there. Benchmark scores put it at the top of the phone game. We should mention that many people are having memory management issues so far with the Note 5's multitasking. Seems many apps need to reload rather than load from cache, but that's something Samsung should be able to address with updates.

Reason #4. The 16-megapixel camera with dual flash is fast and offers amazing quality. It's the same camera, lenses and image stabilization used in the Galaxy S6. The software has been improved and offers a full pro mode featuring RAW photo captures and manual shutter speed settings. Samsung nailed it with the camera on the S6 and has continued to work on that perfect platform by adding it to the Note 5. The front facing 5-megapixel camera is sufficient enough for your selfie needs.

Reason #5. Wireless charging offered right out of the box. Many big flagship including the iPhone 6 and LG G4 do not offer wireless charging without skins or cases. Samsung has included it right out of the box just as they did with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Wireless charging is the most convenient method to charge up your phone, simply placing the device on a QI charger will start topping up your device. Best of all QI charging pads are inexpensive and universal, so if you've had them from previous devices, they will work with your Note 5.

Reason #6. Fast Charging. Along with QI Wireless charging the Note 6 offers quick charging technology that allows you to top up battery life quickly. So even though you can't remove the battery anymore, if you can find the time to plug in your phone during the day, even for just a few minutes, it will charge up very fast.

Reason #7. The S Pen. Even if it can be put in backwards by accident, damaging your $700 device. The S Pen feature on the Note 5 has only gotten better. Being able to take notes quickly without even having to turn the screen on is extremely handy.

So there you have it. Not a full ten reasons to match our other article, but it does point out to what Samsung did do right on the Note 5. Hopefully, the combination of both these articles can aid you in your decision on purchasing the Note 5.

Video Source: Karl Conrad

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