We spend our days at Connectedly reading about all the cool tech and connected devices we can. Every so often we find products that make us stop and go 'WTF'. Here are some products that are either plain weird, quirky, or maybe semi-cool but have gotten funny reviews.

Check them out!

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1. AudioQuest Diamond Braided HDMI Cable

So your new Sharp LG 8K LCD panel is on its way. You just shelled $133,000 on it, and you want to hook up your favorite device. You're going to need an HDMI cable, but it can't just be any regular HDMI cable can it? You're going to need something slightly more high-end to match the quality of that TV. Why not get the AudioQuest Diamond Braided HDMI Cable? It's 12 meters long and costs only $10,199.75. They're practically giving them away at this price, just check out these reviews.

Get your AudioQuest Diamond Braided HDMI Cable / $10,199.75

2. UFO-02 Detector

Don't you hate when Aliens abduct you? Prevent the madness and get the UFO-02 Detector. This little device is built to sense electromagnetic disturbances and will signal you by flashing 16 LED's simultaneously while beeping. While being priced at $89.58 seems like a steal for such functionality, the reviews are less than stellar.

Get your UFC-02 Detector / $ 89.58

3. Relaxman Relaxation Capsule

Sometimes keeping up with tech and all the latest gadgets can be overwhelming. Nothing works better for relaxing, than getting into your $50,000 Relaxman Relaxation Capsule. Although we're sure this deprivation chamber serves some great purpose, the price has Amazon reviewers having lots of fun with it

Get your Relaxman Relaxation Capsule / $49,995.00

4. Pangea 2-Slice Pet Emblazing Toaster

How about a toaster that will toast pictures of dogs onto your toast. While it may seem like a cool novelty gift for pet lovers, multiple reviews on the unit claim it is catching on fire and exploding for customers.

Get your Pangea 2-Slice Pet Emblazing Toaster / $ 34.99

5. AutoExec Wheelmate Sterring Wheel

While this product is actually kind of cool, and probably works great for those traveling or working out of their cars, it has sort of become a leave your funny review item on Amazon. Either way it seems like a great product to buy for those autonomous cars coming out any day now.

Get your AutoExec Wheelmate / $ 25.39

6. USB Gloves

Don't you hate it when your hands get cold? What you need are some USB Heating Gloves. These gloves will plug into any USB port and warming pads inside the gloves will warm your hands.

Get some USB Gloves

7. Quirky Egg Minder Egg Tray

Smart connected devices are coming to everything, including your Egg Tray at home. This little Egg Tray will sync with your smartphone and tell you how many eggs you've got at home, as well as when they are going bad. For $12.99 it's not the most expensive gadget you can buy, but definitely a WTF?

Get your Quirky Egg Minder Egg Tray / $12.99