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HERE Auto goes for a multiscreen cockpit in Paris

By Richard Devine on 2 Oct 2014 07:23 am

The Paris Motor Show is in full swing and one familiar name, HERE, is exhibiting its newest in-car technologies with a multiscreen twist. While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the two big new kids on the block, HERE is trying to demonstrate the power of embedded systems over those that simply run off a connected smartphone.

One of the coolest new features they're showing off is the multiscreen cockpit. Going beyond just a center console display or one that sits behind the steering wheel, HERE is pushing the boundaries further with the ability to display different information at different points throughout the inside of the vehicle.

It also contains what they're calling a "more social experience" allowing passengers to bring in their own smartphones and tablets to interact with the system without affecting what the driver sees. Through companion apps for iOS and Android, passengers can see more information about the route and points-of-interest, as well as making routing suggestions to the driver. The person behind the wheel can choose to accept these suggestions and the navigation system will automatically re-route accordingly.

HERE is also allowing the car makers the control over customizing the systems, including adding support for CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink. The new SDK has been made available to the car makers already, and it'll be exciting to see what next-gen systems it might lead to.

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HERE Auto goes for a multiscreen cockpit in Paris


A "more social experience" behind the steering wheel - what will the California, and other motor authorities, say? It's happening even today, before the more social experience with Here, "dad, look here" says the kid and holds up the tablet in front of the driver. BTW, is that the new Aston Martin Lagonda, 35 years on?

HERE apparently does not believe in physical integration. The screens are all sitting on stands. The whole interior reminds me of "2001 - A Space Odyssey".

What is on the wall? Looks like graphics from Portal 2. Is this confirmation that Portal 3 is coming out?! :)