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Here's an early look at Android Wear on a preproduction LG G Watch

By Andrew Martonik on 29 May 2014 06:00 pm

Details on the yet-to-be-released LG G Watch are light at the moment, but at least one person has had a quick look at a preproduction model at the LG G3 launch event in London. As you can see in the above video, this is very much an incomplete product. (Our German isn't very good, but we hear the word "beta" more than a few times.) While it doesn't show off a dramatically different body than we've seen in LG's curated press shots (this is the "Champagne Gold" model), we do get a good idea for the size and shape of the G Watch.

The body looks to be primarily plastic, with a standard watchband style that doesn't look unlike what we're used to seeing on the original Pebble. A set of metal contacts on the back of the watch will be used for charging, but beyond that we really can't take much away from non-final hardware.

On the software side, we're looking at Android Wear working in the wild for the first time, really. Unfortunately we don't see anything new here — all this and more has been revealed by the Android developer guidelines for Wear — but we do see how smooth and simple the interface is. We see a quick look at the menu to switch watch faces as well as a quick scroll through the available commands in the main interface.

The LG G Watch's release is on the horizon, does this video get you more excited to see one for yourself?

Source: AppDated (YouTube)

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Here's an early look at Android Wear on a preproduction LG G Watch


Yeah, I'm much more interested in the Moto 360. Just not a fan of the rectangular profile.

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Agreed. The build can be as high quality as they like, but it's still a big rectangular screen on my wrist. 360, please.

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Damn that software is VERY beta! No wonder he kept saying it! Lol. Still though it looked pretty good and it swiped smoothly, but obviously the home screen needs some beautification. ;)