Smarter cooking, better results

The Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Precision Cooker will transform you into a culinary genius. The precision cooker allows you to prepare the perfect meal in just three simple steps.

Pro-level cooking, simplified

The Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Precision Cooker is designed to help you cook sous vide, a cooking technique that produces restaurant quality results. You attach the cooker to your pot, prep and place your food in a resealable plastic bag and clip it to the inside of a pot so it's immersed in a water bath. Find your cook settings, hit start, and let the cooker to the rest. The water gently circulates around your food, bringing it to a precise temperature, and voila, you're among the likes of Juila Child and Jamie Oliver.

The precision cooker's temperature control means you don't have to worry about overcooking, so you can focus on entertaining your guests instead of how many minutes have gone by since you put everything on.

Using the Anova app, you can start your cook session with your phone and be notified when your food is ready. With the world's largest recipe collection for precision cooking, the app will provide an endless array of options for the gourmet dinner parties you'll be throwing now that you know you can consistently knock their socks off like the pros.

Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Precision Cooker


The Anova precision cooker circulates water around the pot, which brings food to a precise temperature, so it never overcooks and you end up with perfect food every time.

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Set it and forget it

With the Anova app, you can set your meal up in the morning, start your cook from anywhere, and your meal will be ready to go when you are. The app will keep you up-to-date on how things are coming along with notifications from start to finish, and if the temperature of the water gets over 40 before its expected finish time, the device's auto-cook feature will keep your food safe.

Best of all, you can cook like a professional chef without the hassle of washing everything by hand because the Anova has a removable, stainless steel skirt that's dishwasher-safe.