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Here's the one thing I hate about the Pebble Steel

By Adam Zeis on 8 Mar 2014 09:49 am

I finally got my retail version of the Black Matte Pebble Steel this past week. I had my review unit for a few weeks prior (read our review!), so I've only been Pebble Steel-less for about two weeks now — not too much suffering there. Even though I had already gotten over the initial YES phase, I was still excited to get mine so that I could try out the leather band — one thing that was missing with my review offering.

I love the way the Pebble Steel looks with the metal band, but for the last few weeks it hasn't been the most comfortable for me. I've never been the biggest fan of metal watch bands and I suppose this one is no different. I'll be blunt — I have hairy arms and (most) metal watch bands flat out hurt my wrist. If I move the wrong way it will pinch my hair and hurt. A lot. Granted some days I can go for hours without this happening, but most times it happens often and annoys me to the point that I don't want to wear the watch. Which sucks because I really like the Pebble Steel. 

So with that, I was obviously excited for my unit to come so I could try out the leather band. I have it on currently, but after a few days I'm not really sure I'm feeling this one either.

Is it more comfortable? Yes, but I'm not sure it goes with the flow of the watch or does it justice. With the metal band on everything just flows all around — one solid color and one solid look throughout. With the leather band on however, it brings things down a notch. The band feels good but it's still not something I'd want to wear all the time. It does beat the pinchy metal though.

So what's my point? Well unlike the original Pebble, I hate that I can't change the band on my Pebble Steel to any ol' band that I want. I'm stuck with the two offerings directly from Pebble (for now at least) and that's that. Their funky proprietary connector keeps me from tucking on any of the 22mm bands I bought for my Pebble that I actually like to wear and are comfortable to me.

Will my hate stop me from wearing my Pebble Steel? Probably not. I really only wear it as my "dress up" watch anyway — church, weddings, date night and things of that sort. For my day-to-day I still use my original Pebble. It's served me well for months now. I have the original band on it at the moment and I have no complaints. But at the same time, if I wanted to change up the band for any reason, I totally could. Oh, and I also hate having two separate chargers for both my Pebble's. But that I can get over ... eventually. 

What about you? Are you a fan of the Pebble Steel bands? Sound off in the comments!


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Here's the one thing I hate about the Pebble Steel


I love metal watch band and I currently swapped mine on my original pebble. I was quite dissapointed when I saw they dropped the standard 22mm lug for their own, which severely limit its customizability.

One of the reasons I actually ordered the brushed metal Steel, I thought it would look better with the leather band. I have the same hurtful problem as you with metal bands.

Can you post pictures of the watch with the leather bands?

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They changed shipping from mid feb to mid-late feb and then 6-8 weeks, its now over 8 weeks and still nothing :(

Doesn't matter if I"m a fan of the bands or not. I have *huge* wrists (goes along with being 6'5" & playing nose guard in college). The original Pebble band didn't come close to closing. I'm currently wearing it with an XXL leather band that barely fits. The only band I've ever found that fits with lots of spare room is "The Band", but even the black one doesn't work in an office environment. I pretty much won't buy a smartwatch that won't take a standard band.

Use a hair clipper. If you're always wearing a watch, nobody will see that you've done it anyway. I'd have to do the same if I do end up getting one.

I ordered my Pebble Steel Jan 8th and its still on backorder :( I knew from the first photo I saw and also more importantly from the retail price that the Steel Bracelet will be made cheap. Folded steel NOT solid links spells cheap and a hair puller. Its very rare you will find cheap folded steel bracelets that are of good quality without pulling hair. In saying that, Im not expecting Pebble to offer Swiss Made quality for $250. I think I will be happy once I get it.
This forum seems more logical without people saying (if your not happy sell it etc etc) also (I have a $7000 watch that is quality, buy one of those and stop complaining etc etc) well, I too am a watch collector like some and know exactly what $250 will get you and what a $7000 PLUS watch will get you so please don't tell me to look elsewhere as I already know that. I don't see a problem with people mentioning the Bracelet pulls hair and feels cheap because they are saying what they feel.
In saying the above this $250 Pebble Steel has given me more excitement even though Im still waiting for it than much more expensive watches I own or will own in future and the wait is killing me..........
As "blasster" in a comment above said, I will use a clipper to help with the hair pulling and just enjoy the technology this watch offers until the iWatch is released.

You ordered on Jan 8th but still on backorder? Wow... If it takes them 2 months just to send out to those who ordered on Jan 7th, how long will it take for me who ordered in February? 2 months x 30=60 months! That means I'll get my Pebble in 5 years?! Lol I know it doesn't work that way but still...

I've been debating for way to long now, OG or Steel.
I think I'm going to go for the OG Pebble now after reading this article. Think I'll be disappointed Adam? Now what color to choose? Part of me wants Black and the other wants CrackBerry orange to go with my orange Crunk case.

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I'm in total agreement with you Adam on this one. Although I find the metal band fairly comfortable - if not quite as comfortable as the leather.
I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase with my Matte Black Steel, having only had it for 2 days! Eventually, like you I will go back to my original Pebble for "everyday" use and keep the Steel for "dressier" occasions.
I swapped out the leather band yesterday and found it not as easy as the standard spring bar used on the original. So I won't be swapping out bands too often on the steel.
For the original I have about 4 bands plus the original. My current favourite is a Fossil leather band - which really suits it, closely followed by a synthetic "divers" band with SS Clasp ($9 on eBay) which is great for swimming and sport.

I'm right there too - metal bands pull my armhairs like a kindergartner jacked on Hi-C. I also wear the original pebble as my daily driver. To fancy up a bit, I got a ebony metallic wrap and also use some simple analog watchfaces at work. I think it's good enough for most situations. I get more questions/comments on this watch than any other I've had - all positive. I do wish it were a teensy bit thinner, but otherwise all-around good.

I have the hair pulling issue with metal straps too. But my arms are not very hairy at all. In fact my arms are positively feminine!!!

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Haha. See even us not-so-hairy armed men have this problem with that style of strap. They look nice, but damn!

Yep. My wife often though there was something up with me when every so often I would wince!

Oddly I have a belt that catches me belly hairs too. That's sore.

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I have the same issue, still my favorite belt though. Always getting weird look from the wife when I make an odd pain driven sound.


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Well, tonight I ordered the OG Pebble and it should be here in a few days. Hopefully, (and I'm sure), I will very pleased with my purchase.

Super excited to say the least to get my 1st Smartwatch!

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Feature wise,what is the diff between the steel and the original? Does it do well with sleep and exercise. That matte black is sharp.

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