Hershey's helps develop chocolate 3D printer

By Simon Sage on 8 Jan 2015 03:50 pm

The Hershey Company and 3D Systems showed off the CocoJet at CES 2015, which promises to print just about anything you want in white, dark, or milk chocolate.

3D Systems was also demoing other 3D printers built for culinary professionals. The ChefJet series will be able to produce full-color candies and be supported by a custom digital cookbook. This isn't the first time we've seen 3D-printed food, but now that Hershey's is getting involved, it's easy to see it's becoming a bigger part of the scene.

Though nothing was made public about pricing or release date of the CocoJet 3D printer, the ChefJet line should be available in the second half of the year.

Source: 3D Systems

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Hershey's helps develop chocolate 3D printer

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