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Build a computer and learn about electronics, all while playing a Minecraft mod.

Inspiring the inventors of tomorrow

The Piper Computer Kit with PiperCraft is a great way to demystify technology and teach your kids in a fun and interactive environment. Recommended for children ages seven to 12, the computer kit helps children learn about and understand the concept of programming, electronics, and computing by building a Raspberry Pi computer from the wooden frame, seven-inch LCD screen, and software, up. The interactive learning continues as kids play their way through PiperCraft, a MineCraft mod that requires kids to build real-world tools and electronic controls in order to advance and guide characters through the game.

Piper's specially-developed, Stanford-endorsed curriculum helps children understand these concepts. The Piper Computer kit can be assembled in an hour or two, and then your kids can complete the hardware missions, which can take anywhere from eight to 10 hours. Hardware missions can include building an array of buttons and switches to navigate through eight different game levels (there's also free downloadable content), creating an LED light to locate hidden treasure, installing a switch so Piperbot can blow up blocks with TNT, and building a buzzer that allows you to make it through certain parts of the game. These different missions teach your children about parallel circuitry, breadboarding, outputs, polarity, and more.

The Piper Computer Kit with PiperCraft


The Piper Computer Kit with PiperCraft teaches your children about programming, electronics, and computing by building a computer and electronic controls required to play the game.

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Unleash unlimited entertainment

After hardware missions are done, Piper's creative mode unleashes unlimited entertainment and learning opportunities. Beyond playing PiperCraft and learning about programming and electronics, each Piper computer comes loaded with Noobs, the Raspberry Pi operating system, so your children can have access to a browser, a word processor, scratch programming, and more. The computer's battery can be charged through a USB port using the same cord that powers on the Raspberry Pi computer. The computer boasts 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, HDMI, USB and AV jacks, and built-in Wi-Fi.