Bring the nostalgia of photographs to your smartphone

As you snap photos of your food, friends, pets, and travels, your smartphone becomes a treasure trove of memories. But once these moments are buried in your social feed, or hidden deep within a photo gallery, the become easy to forget and harder to share. Prynt let's you keep or share a special memento from your best smartphone photos.

Point. Shoot. Prynt.

Prynt combines the ergonomics of a camera grip and the functionality of a photo printer in a very unique way, so you can snap and print photos in the moment using your smartphone. Slide your phone into the Prynt case, push the shutter button, and print your photo. Prynt's specially designed photo paper contains everything needed to transform a blank page into a treasured memory.



Prynt is a smartphone grip allowing you to print your favorite photos from your phone.

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Try adding filters, borders, and stickers to customize the look of each photo before printing. Prynt also captures a video to accompany each image (sorta like in Harry Potter), and when you share a Prynt photo with a friend, they can unlock the companion video using the Prynt app. Every Prynt photo can also be peeled off and used as a sticker.

Prynt brings the nostalgia of physical photos to your smartphone, giving you a new way to share extra-special moments.