Need to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? This helpful guide should point you in all the right directions.

Gaming is no longer the TV-tethered experience that it once was. Now mobile gaming and the latest gen consoles rock amazing technology and high-end graphics to gawk at. Even virtual reality is making a strong comeback with new headsets that provide a more immersive experience. This year there are plenty of exciting gaming gifts worth checking out for that special someone, so go ahead and dive right in to see what's hot this holiday season.

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Playstation 4

The PS4 has been on the shelves for 2 years now, but is still a top-tier console that's fun for all ages. Even with today's latest titles the PS4 pushes spectacular graphics with a smooth performance to back it up. The included DualShock 4 Wireless Controller features a capacitive touch pad that adds a unique gameplay experience, too. The PS4 isn't just a gaming machine, it's also a media hub where you can access some of the most popular video, sports, and music streaming apps right at your fingertips. With the capability to capture and share your best gaming moments, there's no end to your reign over the battlefield!

$349 at Amazon

Xbox One

Xbox One

When it first launched, Microsoft's Xbox One was pushed as the console that could sit at the center of your home entertainment setup. While that's still the case, the past year or so has seen the experience refined, features added on a monthly basis and a string of AAA exclusive titles. If you want to play Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider or Forza Motorsport 6, you'll need an Xbox One to do it. And with the recent release of Windows 10 on both PC and the console, you can play your games without having to sit in front of the TV, and use any licensed Xbox One accessories to do it, too. Oh, and you can now start playing Xbox 360 games on it. Which is killer.

$400 at Amazon; $399 at Microsoft (with Kinect)

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

Designed for those with either a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, the Gear VR Innovator Edition throws you into an unparalleled 3D, 360-degree experience whether you're watching videos or neck-deep in your favorite games. Oculus and Samsung have teamed up to create this innovative accessory for two of this year's flagship Android devices, pushing the limits of mobile gaming. The headset's comfortable design allows you to stay immersed in gameplay and even packs an internal fan to combat lens fog. There are a bunch of VR games, videos and apps available through the Oculus store that you can download for endless hours of enjoyment.

$100 at Amazon

Star Wars: Battlefront

Let's face it: there's no better way to stay pumped about The Force Awakens hitting theaters in December than picking up Star Wars: Battlefront. Whether you've been following gameplay videos online or you had the opportunity to dive into the open beta while it was happening, it's hard to not appreciate how great this game looks. Jump into your own X-wing, TIE fighter, or even pilot the Millennium Falcon — Battlefront brings the action and realism of the original Star Wars trilogy straight to your console or PC. Its recent release just before the holidays makes it a great gift for any Star Wars fanatic.

Playstation 4 Xbox One PC


Shield TV

NVIDIA has taken their Tegra X1 processor and built quite the Android TV set-top box. The Shield TV brings Android to your television so you have access to videos, music, games and other entertainment-focused apps and services, and the NVIDIA hardware makes sure everything performs well. Whether you want to watch shows and movies in 4K, or play the new generation of Android console games, the Shield TV has you covered. Additions like Dolby audio and NVIDIA's game streaming make the Shield TV a great gift for any gamer in your life.

$199 at Amazon

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1

NVIDIA has revamped their original Shield Tablet, adding a few cosmetic changes, software tweaks, and the exclusion of a stylus and charger. The Shield Tablet K1 is designed for gaming on the go with the option of accessorizing the device with the Shield Controller for a more enjoyable experience. Nothing's changed on the hardware front as the Shield Tablet K1 still rocks the Tegra K1 processor and 192-core Kepler GPU underneath its 8-inch HD display. Although the stylus isn't included, we're not missing out on much there. This device is all about gaming, and it does that perfectly fine without a pen.

$200 at Amazon

Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset

A high quality gaming headset can make a huge difference in how we experience our favorite games. The Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset packs superior sound for both powerful bass and crisp highs while connected directly to your favorite console or PC. The boom mic featured on the headset allows clear conversations with your team in the middle of the action, folding up when not in use. There are multiple modes you can access for sound equalization on games, music, and movies as well as easy adjustments for voice chat.

$55 at Amazon

Google Nexus Player

Great for gaming and all-around entertainment is the Google Nexus Player. Its easy to use platform allows any user to quickly find content across multiple apps using their voice from the included Bluetooth remote. Cast videos from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop straight to your TV, too. To get the best gaming experience from the Nexus Player you'll want to pick up the Nexus Gamepad to enjoy your favorite titles from the Play Store wirelessly over Bluetooth. You can even connect up to 4 gamepads to the Nexus Player to share the experience with your friends.

$50 at Best Buy

Fallout 4

Nothing says the perfect gift like a virtual post-apocalyptic experience, and the latest launch from Bethesda absolutely nails it. Fallout 4 expands upon a world destroyed by nuclear war, giving you, the sole survivor of Vault 111 a chance to rebuild and determine the fate of this wasteland. The incredible amount of detail, immersive gameplay, and next-gen graphics Fallout 4 brings makes it a no-brainer for any gamer that hasn't already jumped the gun on purchasing their own copy. As an added bonus to Xbox One buyers, Fallout 3 is included free of charge to play using backwards compatibility.

Playstation 4 XBOX One PC

XRocker Pro Series Gaming Chair

With so many awesome games to enjoy, why not provide a comfortable way to experience them in front of the TV? Yeah, we're talking gaming chairs, and the X Rocker Pro is a great place to start. This chair features 2 speakers and a sub that put you right in the middle of any game. The ergonomic design has gun-stock arms, headrest, and a tilt and swivel pedestal that allows you to find that perfect sweet spot for optimal gaming hours on end. On the side of the chair is a control panel for adjusting volume and bass along with I/O ports for connecting to your TV.

$180 at Amazon

VIZIO 42-inch 5.1 Sound Bar

Another option to get amazing audio out of your games is a sweet sound bar. This 42-inch 5.1 channel sound bar from VIZIO will certainly kick things up, adding advanced audio technology to your favorite games, movies, and music. This setup includes a 3-channel sound bar, wireless subwoofer, 2 rear satellite speakers, and a remote to easily manage it all. The built-in Bluetooth technology also makes it easy to stream your favorite playlists from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Just be mindful of the rest of those under your roof before you start cranking up the volume.

$198 at Amazon

MOGA Pro Controller

Some mobile games are just easier and funner to play with a controller, and that's where the MOGA Pro truly shines. This controller features a durable arm that holds any Android device up to 3.2-inches wide and sports a D-pad, dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, triggers, and comfortable full-sized grips. The illuminated action buttons add extra flare and the MOGA Pro's rechargeable battery provides you with hours of mobile gaming. This controller adds precision to your favorite driving games, first person shooters, adventure titles, and plenty more that you just won't get using your touchscreen.

$62 at Amazon