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Honeywell turns up the heat with the Lyric smart thermostat

Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat
By John Callaham on 10 Jun 2014 08:46 am

Honeywell (yes, Honeywell) has announced their own smart thermostat to compete with Google's Nest. The Lyric, which was first leaked in April, has now been officially announced and is priced at $279. It has some visual kinship with the round Nest and thermostats of old, but it has some different tricks up its sleeves.

Visually, Lyric resembles Nest in terms of its round design with a circular display in its center (though it's not terribly large). Inside, the device uses Wi-Fi to connect to a mobile app (iOS and Android versions have been announced) so that users can set their heating and cooling temperatures inside their dwelling to their desired levels.

Lyric's biggest bullet point is its use of geofencing. In basic terms, when a person leaves their home with their smartphone, the Lyric senses when they depart and adjusts the temperature inside to a level designed to save money. When that same person makes the return trip home, the Lyric again detects when the person is getting close and adjusts the temperature again to make sure that the home is comfortable again when the home owner enters.

Honeywell adds:

The Fine Tune feature factors indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and weather into its algorithm, enabling it to provide the most comfortable temperature for homeowners. No other do-it-yourself Wi-Fi thermostat on the market today does that.

While the Honeywell Lyric is already available to purchase by professional heating and cooling contractors, it will be sold to the general public, via Lowe's, sometime in August.

Source: Honeywell

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Honeywell turns up the heat with the Lyric smart thermostat


I really don't like the old style round shape of these t-stats. I have an Ecobee with a nice large screen that is copied exactly the same on my phone and works great. And by the way folks, I work in the HVAC industry and lowering and raising the temperature in winter does not save you money. The energy needed to boost the heat back up to the desired temp surpasses the savings of the temp being lowered. UNLESS, you are gone over a weekend or more. Not on a daily or nightly basis. Just my 2 cents. Go geothermal if you want to save money

Very cool, but just like all these other smart thermostats it will likely not support high voltage heating, which is what I have in my home, so I guess I'm out of luck. And on top of that, no windows phone support.

We have two wifi honeywell tstats, no problems and more features than nest when we bought them, these new ones look excellent

At more than the nest I think they are crazy. We wouldnt even buy our Nest until we found a sale lol. Looks good though from a feature standpoint

I wish this used Z-Wave instead of Wi-Fi.

Also, our thermostat is very far from our bedroom. Our bedroom is always hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Instead of installing a second t-stat in the bedroom, I wish there was a monitor device that I could sit in my bedroom that talked with the t-stat. Ideally you could place these around the house. The thought is they would be a smaller, inexpensive device, perhaps with some control, but without having to install an entire new t-stat.

These exist but you need a zoning kit (assuming you have forced air heating) which will open a damper to let heat into the bedroom and not any other room. Check with a local HVAC dealer. Not a cheap install though but if you value comfort, it may be your solution.

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Definitely would be tempted with z-wave support, kind of odd it isn't seeing as their security systems do

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Awesome, competition will only improve the experience. I am very happy so far with my Nest thermostats. Being able to control the home environment from afar is pretty cool. Let's see if the Lyric thermostat can disrupt the competition. I like the idea of not having Google know even more about me and my house

Why is it surprising that Honeywell would make this? They are an industry leader is these sort of devices (thermostats, smoke detectors, etc).