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The HOT smartwatch makes you feel like a secret agent #CESlive

By Adam Zeis on 8 Jan 2014 03:24 pm

One of the big items on my hit list here at CES 2014 was the HOT Smartwatch. The watch isn't actually available until March but it's already receiving quite a buzz. The HOT works in much the same manner as other devices, connecting to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. You can receive notifications for SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter and also has weather, stocks, calendar and a phone finder. Perhaps the coolest feature of the HOT however it the ability to answer calls right on the device in the most secret agent way possible. 

When a phone call comes in, you lift your hand to your head, cup your ear and chat away. Almost as if a Secret Service agent talking into your cuff, the HOT had great call quality and though you feel a bit odd, was very captivating. Done with the call? Wave bye and the HOT ends the call. Combine that with some sweet touchscreen gestures and you've got a pretty cool watch.

The HOT will be available in just a few weeks in Basic, Edge, Classic and Curve models, priced from $179 to $249. 

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The HOT smartwatch makes you feel like a secret agent #CESlive


WP8 support is very enticing. Plus the directional speaker is a pretty cool and simple idea. Wonder why no one thought of it before for this purpose.

This is the Smartwatch I'm most interested in. Would love to see a full review once it's released(would also like to see reviews of other watches, but that is beside the point). I don't want to buy it before it's out because it's a good bit of change to drop, but once it doesn't I will definitely be taking a look