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HOT watch enters mass production, shipping imminent

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2014 01:23 pm

The folks at HOT watch sent out another update via their Kickstarter page, this time to let the world know that the watches have entered mass production and will be shipping out to early backers in the coming weeks. It's been a long time coming, but it appears that HOT watches may soon be where they belong — on your wrist.

As posted to their kickstarter page, watches should be available around July 7th and will being shipping out at that time. No word of just how many will go out in the first week, but they're looking to ramp up to 2000/week "eventually".

"We have started mass production as per the last update and are on course for the first batch to reach us here in Texas on the 7th of July. We will post pictures before shipping the watches out to you. We do not have a specific number of watches that will come out in the first week (eventually will be ramped up to approximately 2000 watches per week), but we will fulfill all of the early bird Curve- small band pledges and some first wave shipping of the same selection. The reason we are only producing the Curve- small band size is because the silicone issue was fixed for this selection, once the fix was verified we started replicating the fix to other band styles and sizes. We began mass production for this one selection and will send the watches out to the backers once we receive the shipment here. Other styles and sizes will start production before this batch ships out."

So there you have it. After many, many months of waiting, the HOT watch will soon be ready for prime time.

Did you order a HOT watch? Are you excited to finally get one? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks Matt!

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HOT watch enters mass production, shipping imminent


This will have to be good to compete with Pebble cause they rule that e ink market. This could easily get lost in Android Wear release. At least Pebble has a foothold and backing to move forward with something new

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@aitt: neither the Pebble nor the Hot watch use E ink, they are e paper (specifically, memory LCD).

Thanks for correcting. Couldn't remember. But still goes back to my original post.

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At least these guys have the unique private calling feature. So many other watches are dead in the water with android wear arrival.


That's what I thought when I read the title, and it's what I think after reading the article.