How to add or remove links on the Pebble Steel

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2014 02:57 pm

Out of the box the Pebble Steel band may not be sized right for your wrist, but if you're a bit handy you can make it fit and save yourself a trip to the jeweler. To add or remove links from the metal band of your Pebble Steel, you really just need a small precision screwdriver or something like a SIM tool. You'll have to pop the pin out to open the links, then add or remove them as needed.

It does take a little bit of effort to get it done, but as long as you have good eyes (or a magnifying glass) you should be just fine. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on just how to do it and your Pebble Steel will be the perfect size in no time at all.

If you want to change up the band on your Pebble Steel we can help you with that too.

Reader comments

How to add or remove links on the Pebble Steel


That is so easy! Thanks! You just saved me a couple bucks. I'm still waiting on my black matte steel. But I totally expected to have to take it to a jeweler when it arrived. I have very small wrists. Now I'm pretty sure that I can resize it myself. :-)