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How to add your Cree Connected bulb to a Hue hub

By Russell Holly on 26 Jan 2015 10:17 am

The folks at Cree dropped the first bulb in their new Connected line this week at Home Depot, and as we said in our hands on if you're looking for cheap bulbs to add to your connected home these are the way to go. Rather than bind themselves to a single kind of connecte hub, Cree Connected bulbs work with any ZigBee hub. You wouldn't know that by looking at the box, however, since the only instructions included are to connect to the Wink hub. While Wink is a decent way to go if you've already decided to go that route, those of us with the Philips Hue hub running multiple rooms of bulbs are probably going to want to keep using the Hue apps to control those bulbs. The Cree Connected bulbs won't automatically connect to the Hue hub out of the box, but through the manual add feature in the Hue app you can add the Cree bulbs with no problem.

The first thing you'll need is the connection code on the side of your Cree Connected bulb. Hue needs the six digit number from the bulb in order to detect the Cree bulbs in the manual search, so locate that number and either write it down or memorize it. Connect your bulb to whatever socket you want to use it in, but leave it turned off for the time being.

Cree on Hue

Next you'll need to open the official Philips Hue app and head to Settings>My Lights>Connect New Lights. Select Manual search from the two options that slide out, and enter in the number you grabbed from the side of the Cree bulb as the serial number. Turn on your Cree bulb, tap Search, and scroll to the bottom of the list of connected bulbs that Hue can see. The last bulb in the list should be labeled Dimmable light, and when you tap the name in the app your Cree bulb will start slowly pulsing on and off. Rename the bulb to whatever you choose, and the bulb is now connected to your Hue hub. Once connected to the Hue hub, any Hue app will be able to see and control these lights.

If you've already connected your Cree bulbs to a Wink hub and would like to switch them over to the Hue hub, or vice versa, you'll need to reset your Cree Connected bulb so it can be re-paired. To do this, just turn the bulb on and off at the light switch four times in rapid succession with a two second pause in each position. The fourth time the light comes on it will flicker once and you'll be able to add the bulb to whatever ZigBee hub you choose.

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How to add your Cree Connected bulb to a Hue hub


This didn't seem to work for me. I have three bulbs and so far I've only been able to get Hue to recognize one of the bulbs. I have even attempted to do just one bulb at a time as they all share the same serial number. Any suggestions?

With the bulb off try the automatic discovery option, once it starts scanning turn the bulb on and it should find it. The manual discovery did not work for me either.

@joe.kelley: Thanks for posting, your solution worked for me. I also noticed that my CREE bulbs have the same "serial no." which is actually the exact serial number as in the photo used in the article above. More likely it's a model number. I was able to connect it to the Hue hub by using Joe's instructions, ie: Turn off bulb. Turn on automatic discovery, once scanning starts, turn on bulb. This was the bulb was found and displayed as dimmable bulb.

Based on all I have read I decided to go out and get a Cree connected bulb. Really like the Cree bulbs I have around the house. I have tried everything I have read and no luck. Just looking for some other ideas? I am trying to set this up in the same room as the bridge and all he other lights in the room work. 2 lux and one color strip.

Even tried all the zigbee channels with no luck :(