How to automatically transfer pictures from your Galaxy Gear to your phone

By Jared DiPane on 17 Feb 2014 12:28 pm

One of the great features about Samsung's Galaxy Gear is that the band of the device features a built-in camera. While the camera may not be the highest quality, it is still extremely accessible and will work just fine to capture memories quickly and easily on the fly. Sharing the memories that you capture on the Gear does however require you to move the images to your device in order to share them. 

Moving the images one by one can become a cumbersome process, but luckily the software of the Gear allows you to change just one setting and have the process done automatically. So, let's check out how to have your Gear automatically send the pictures that you take to your mobile device.

  1. Launch Galaxy Gear Manager on your mobile device
  2. Scroll to My Apps, then Installed Apps
  3. Locate Camera Settings
  4. Select the Auto Transfer method that you prefer

By doing this you will be able to select for manual transfer, always automatic, or just automatic when you are charging the device. Having these options available allow for you to set the Galaxy Gear up to work a bit better for your use cases, and having the images automatically transfer will make the sharing process that much easier.

Of course this will have an impact on the battery of both devices, as you would imagine, so depending  how much you plan to use the camera may factor into which setting you will use.

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How to automatically transfer pictures from your Galaxy Gear to your phone