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How to check previous notifications on your Pebble smartwatch

By Jared DiPane on 6 Feb 2014 02:17 pm

Getting your notifications on your wrist makes keeping up with them a whole lot easier, but what happens when you are in a meeting and you miss a bunch of them? Previously you would have to break out your phone and start checking them one-by-one, but with Pebble's recent release of the 2.0 software, that is no longer the case.

Now, you are able to go back and check previous notifications sent to your Pebble with just a few button presses.

Accessing your previous notifications is extremely easy and not only are you able to quickly preview them, but you can expand them and see the full notification as well.

So, now you want to know how to do it, right?

  1. Press the Select button, then scroll down to Notifications
  2. Press Select and then use top key to scroll up and bottom to scroll down
  3. Press Select again to open any notification, then press the back button to move back to the main list

There it is — it's just that simple. A few button presses and you can see the notifications you may have missed. While this may be a small feature addition it is probably the biggest addition to Pebble 2.0 for myself and many others. Being able to go back and view notifications that you have missed right from your wrist helps keep you on the go as it eliminates the distractions that will occur when you take your phone out.

Any other great Pebble tips? Let us know in the comments!

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How to check previous notifications on your Pebble smartwatch


I just received my Pebble Steel three hours ago. May I suggest another "Pebble Tip" on how to upgrade to 2.0? (Thanks.)

Your Steel should already be on it, but for everyone else, one you fire up the new version of the Pebble app you'll be prompted to update. Easy peasy. 

I downloaded the app from the Google Playstore. Isn't -THAT- the newest app. If not, where do I get the new app?

Yet another reason for me to buy a smartwatch... I'm still not quite satisfied with the price point though, 150 dollars (or around 1.5 mil IDR here) is quite enough to get a new entry level smartphone. I wonder if a 60 dollars smartwatch will come.

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Archos has a lineup of smartwatches coming in the next few months. Their Pebble competitor will be around $50. 

I just upgraded to 2.0 on my pebble using the android central instructions for the beta & my pebble working great still waiting for my black steel pebble but happy I loaded 2.0 on my pebble using android

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