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How to create custom firmware for your Pebble smartwatch

How to create custom firmware for your Pebble
By DJ Reyes on 20 Feb 2014 01:17 pm

Ever wanted to have the Pebble in your language or even give you the ability to delete some of the pre-installed watch faces? How about having different fonts? If you’ve been wanting to have those options — this post is for you.

I came across a thread about this in the Smartwatch Fans forums and had to take a look into it. It is basically a site that allows you to create custom firmware for your Pebble —​ Pebblebits. You can add language support by way of fonts, where some written languages use accents and symbols. At the moment it looks to be mainly European languages and a couple of Asian ones but this will be probably increase over time.

You can also disable default firmware applications too. So, if you weren’t really using any of the default watch faces, you can get rid of them. They don’t take up any of your 8 available slots but for the sake of cleaning up, you could remove them so they just don’t show up when scrolling through your watch faces. This option is one of the reasons I wanted to dive it and check Pebblebits out, Since discovering the many ways to create and install watch faces, I don’t use the default ones anymore, so it’s great that I can remove them. There is also the ability to remove menu entries too, like no Music or Notifications, etc, however, I’m not sure how many people would want to remove these options. They’re all pretty useful. The option is there nonetheless.

There are other little options to choose from too:

  • Firmware Patches - this option is iOS only and it looks like patches to fix Caller ID issues.
  • Quick Launcher - this is currently experimental and what it does it allows you to use button combinations to launch apps (similar to scripts in Talk2Watch for BlackBerry 10)
  • Interface Translation - allows you to translate days of the week and months to your preferred language
  • Firmware Fonts - there are currently two different fonts to choose from

Creating your custom firmware is pretty simple too. You can do it on a computer or right from your phone’s web browser. Probably easier that way as you can then download the file to quickly install.


How to create your custom firmware for Pebble

  • Go to on your phone’s web browser
  • Tap on Firmware along the top menu
  • Select the languages and symbols you want included
  • Scroll down and tap continue 

Pebblebits choose a languagePebblebits continue

  • Select your Firmware Version - You can select any previous firmware version including any beta ones. You must also make sure you select the correct one for your Pebble hardware (this will depend on your Pebble serial number. A description is given on the website)

Pebblebits firmware Pebblebits firmware selection

  • Select any default watch faces you want removed (optional)
  • Select any menu entries you want to remove (optional)
  • Select any Firmware Patches (optional)

Pebblebits remove watch faces and itemsPebblebits patch options

  • Select a Quick Launcher (optional)
  • Choose a Translation (optional)
  • Choose a Firmware Font
  • Hit Create Firmware! once you’re happy with all your choices. You can always go back and change things up before hitting the create button

Pebblebits choose fontPebblebits generated firmware link

  • Once the file is created you can download the file for installation.


If your Pebble is already connected to your phone, you can just go ahead and load that up onto your Pebble via the Pebble app. That’s you installed with your custom Pebble firmware. When installing you will see a prompt asking you if you're sure to Load Untrusted Bundle? You can go ahead and hit OK. Wait for the installation and you're done.

I've installed a custom firmware version onto my Pebble, taking out two of the default watch faces. They are now no longer on my Pebble. The Pebble still functions as it has done. I chose to go for Firmware Version 2.0 and I am running Android Beta-9, all with no issue. I haven't tested with a lower version or with iOS. I was also running Firmware 2.0 already. If you're going from Firmware v1 to v2, you may need to reinstall your watch faces. I also use my Pebble with a BlackBerry 10 using Talk2Watch and I have no issues with that either. If you'd like to get rid of some watch faces or even add language support, give Pebblebits a try.

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How to create custom firmware for your Pebble smartwatch


How does this effect your warranty is something I'm interested to find out... And can you easily just flash it back to stock somehow it you want to?

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Yup it's super easy to go back to a stock firmware, so providing nothing gets broken in between you should be fine. Will look into more to double check though.