If you're using two-step verification for any of your various accounts (if you're not, you should be) — then you know what a pain it can be to dig out your phone to find your auth code when you need it. But what if you could have your codes right on your Pebble for quick & easy access? Thanks to an app called PebbleAuth you can do just that. 

The simple app lets you store up to eight codes for accounts like Gmail, Facebook and Dropbox. Just fire up the app, view your code and you're on your way. The only tricky part is setting it up, so let's do a quick walkthrough to see how it's done!

First you'll need to grab PebbleAuth from the Pebble appstore on your iOS or Android device. Install it, then hit the settings tab in your locker. 


Choose a name for the account you'll be setting up. Note that the name should be six characters or less so it fits on the screen. Now you need to enter your Secret. What's the Secret you ask? It's the manual code that you get when setting up two-step verification. Here's how you get it.

So for example in Gmail, you'll need to login and go to https://accounts.google.com/b/0/SmsAuthSettings. Once there, select "Move to a different phone"

Choose your phone type and click Continue

Now select the "Can't scan the barcode?" link to reveal your Secret — in this case a string of 32 characters in the yellow box. Enter that code into the Secret box in the PebbleAuth settings.

Now in PebbleAuth choose the dark or light theme if you want, then tap Save. Once you do you'll see your code will appear on your Pebble. If not, tap the select button then scroll down to PebbleAuth and open it. Enter the code here to verify and save.

You can repeat the process for other apps like Facebook and Dropbox. Just setup two-step verification, then get the manual code (your Secret) and enter it into the PebbleAuth settings. Now you will have access to your two-step codes instantly whenever you need them!