Now that we've covered how to uninstall applications from your Samsung Galaxy Gear. It is time we discussed how to add them as well. There are a variety of applications to choose from specifically developed for your Gear and are found by browsing the Samsung Apps Store. 

In order to download and install clock faces or other related applications, first and foremost you will need to create a Samsung Apps Store account. This can be done through your device by tapping on the Samsung Account icon on your Apps screen or by visiting their website

It is important to note that some Gear applications require the installation of their Android counterparts on your device. For example, RunKeeper and My Fitness Pal prompt you to download the version in the Google Play store to your Samsung smartphone. This is so the information stored on your handset will sync with your Gear. Simply tap on the option when prompted, after installing on the Gear, and you will be redirected to Play Store. 

Once registered, navigate and launch the Gear Manager application on your handheld and follow these steps.

  • Open Gear Manager
  • Select Samsung Apps from the Apps and Settings list
  • Choose a category (i.e. Health/Fitness) or search by name at the top
  • Select the application you wish to download to your Galaxy Gear
  • Tap Free or Install to begin the download and installation
  • Confirm your download and accept any applicable permissions by choosing Accept and Download
  • If prompted, sign into your Samsung Apps account or create a new one if applicable, and follow the instructions
  • After the download completes, it should now appear in the applications section on the Galaxy Gear

With only a few quick taps, applications are easily downloaded and installed. What are some of your favorites? Sound off in the comments below!

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