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How to install watch faces onto your Pebble smartwatch

How to install watch faces onto your Pebble smartwatch
By DJ Reyes on 22 Jan 2014 01:59 pm

One of the neat things about the Pebble smartwatch is the ability to install a watch face of your choosing. There are a multitude of them around the internet and we even have our very own official Smartwatch Fans watch face too. While you can get simple ones, such as the Smartwatch Fans watch face, there are others that can give you a bit more information like the weather, calendar and even fitness apps. On top of the default watch faces found on your Pebble watch, you can add up to 8 additional watch faces and apps. Whatever your preference — let's go through the process of finding and installing a watch face onto your Pebble smartwatch using your Android or iOS device.


Finding watch faces for your Pebble

First off, you should go and download the Smartwatch Fans watch face. Go on, you know you want to. Done? Now, let's take a look at other options.

One of the more popular websites is It has tons and tons (and tons!!) of watch faces available with new ones added daily. Other websites include and the Pebble Forums.

There are also apps available for iOS and Android that pull in almost all the watch faces and apps found on the websites mentioned above. On Android just search for Pebble Apps. On iOS the app is called MyPebbleFaces. The apps have not been developed by the owners of the websites and are from different developers but they run off the websites so you can search watch faces easily from your device as they're all in one place.

Download Pebble Apps from Google Play
Download MyPebbleFaces from the App Store


Installing a watch face on Android

Installing a watch face on Android

You can install watch faces via the Pebble app for Android in the Watch Apps section. Navigate to Watch Apps by using the dropdown menu at the top and then tap Get Watch Apps. It will take you to a list of the  more popular watch apps and faces, just tap one to install it.

If you have downloaded a watch file found on the internet or shared by someone, just navigate to the download file and tap it. If the Pebble app is open and your watch is connected then it will automatically install via the Pebble app. If not, then you will be prompted to Complete action using, tap on Update Pebble. Your watch face will install. 

If you find a direct link to install, such as via the My Pebble Faces website using your device web browser, then just tap the link and it will automatically open the Pebble app to install. You may be prompted to allow the file to be installed as it is from an outside source.

You can check the list of all your installed watch faces and apps in the Watch Apps section of the Pebble app.

The above process can be used on BlackBerry 10 devices too. Please note that you need BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 installed to get Bluetooth going with Android devices. You will have a better experience with OS (and above).


Installing a watch face on iPhone

Installing a watch face on the iPhone is a similar process. Once your find a watch face you like, just tap the link and you will be prompted to Open in Pebble. The Pebble app will open to install the watch face. Again, you may be prompted to confirm the installation of a file from an outside source.

Just like with the Android Pebble app, there is a Watch Apps section where you can find a list of all the watch faces and apps you have installed. However, you can't search for more like you can with the Android Pebble app.


Viewing your installed watch faces and apps

Install Pebble Watch Apps

To see your new watch face just use the up and down buttons on the right side of the watch to scroll through your installed watch faces. Watch apps can be found the main menu by press in the middle button on the right side of the Pebble watch and scrolling down to the bottom. You'll find a list of the watch apps there.

Can't find one you like? Why not make one of your own? If you want a very personalized watch face then you can generate your own watch face using an online generator found at There are lots of options for you to customize your watch face, from the the the clock to the date and even the text. Check it out and have some fun making your own watch faces.

Generate your own Pebble watch face


What's your favorite? 

We have a bustling forum dedicated to Pebble watch faces, so be sure to swing by and let us know your favorites!

Discuss more in the Smartwatch Fans forums

Reader comments

How to install watch faces onto your Pebble smartwatch


Thanks for the tutorial. It's my understanding that this process will be largely obsolete (or at least less significant) when the 2.0 SDK/OS are released later this month. Can anybody with early access to either comment?

I'm running the latest beta and it's still this process. The Pebble app store hasn't been released yet, except for iOS users however no-one has commented on it in the forums yet

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

That has to be Kevin's Pebble in the picture.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans Tablet App!

That's strange. Most of my watch faces have been generated and have no problems install them from Dropbox, email, or even from the Downloads folder. I'll mention it in the post nonetheless, thanks.

"The above process can be used on BlackBerry 10 devices too."
Not! doesn't work with BlackBerry 10.

The process I have to do is first scan the QR code using my Nexus 4 and the Barcode Scanner app from ZXing Team.

Then no matter if I just click the link it provides automattically, or tap to Open Browser it will download the file to my device.

From there if I tap on the file either from the notification bar indicating the download was complete, or tapping on the file from within the downloads area it says it cannot open the file.

As mentioned my original comment, I have to go to the Downloads folder from within a file manager app to tap on it and have it install.

You need to open the download-page in the stock-browser of your Nexus. Then it will automatically handle over to the Pebble-App, once you click on download.

I am currently testing the 2.0 Dev app with the built in app store, don't want to violate the NDA too much however yes these steps will all be obsolete. Pebble really though through the process and has a very functional solution coming soon.