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How to make a phone call from the Samsung Galaxy Gear

By Alicia Erlich on 15 Jan 2014 10:51 am

The Galaxy Gear is an impressive companion piece for select Samsung Android devices. From the bright, colorful display to the sturdy strap it is more than just a stylish piece to wear on your wrist. One of the major features is the ability to dial contacts from your address book without ever removing your phone from the case or pocket.

There are a few ways to make a call using the Gear that entails opening the contacts and dialer applications or using S Voice. The gear employs gestures for its basic operations and navigating to each of these options is rather simple.

How to make calls via Contacts

A quick swipe to the right brings you to the contacts application. Tapping once anywhere on the screen loads your phone’s personal address book. Now there are options for browsing your list. One is by scrolling through all of the names until the desired one is found. The other is by tapping on the shortcut menus on the side to jump to specific letters. Either way, once a contact is located simply tap on the name and then the number to initiate a call.

How to make calls using Dialer

The dialer is also an easy option for manually inputting phone numbers not found in your address back. With three swipes to the right, just tap on Apps and then Dialer. Using the keypad, enter in the number you wish to dial and tap on the green send key. It is as simple as that.

Quick Tip: To access the dialer from the clock screen, simply flick up to launch

How to make calls using S Voice

Another method for initiating a call is by using voice commands. To do this, swipe twice to the left to launch the S Voice application and tap on the microphone. From this screen, speak the “call” command followed by the name of the contact. If more than on name or number is listed you can either speak the correct one or simply use the touchscreen to select the correct one.

Additional options during the call

Now comes the interesting part. Whether the call is in progress or connected the Gear, it presents two options on the display: the ability to send the call back to the handset or Bluetooth headset and to hang up the call.

For me, the speaker and microphone on the Gear work rather well. However, if you prefer speaking on your handset, the call is switched over by tapping on the handset icon on the bottom of the Gear’s display.  To transfer to the call back to the Gear, tap the headset icon on your phone. This only works if a Bluetooth headset is not already connected from what I have seen and may not work on all devices. For this tutorial I used a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

To adjust the volume the quickest way I use is tapping on the speaker icon in the upper left and then tapping on the + or - buttons under volume. This switches the volume between the lowest level and the level you set. You may bring up additional volume settings by dragging up or down on the screen with two fingers, and then tapping on the controls that appear.

By tapping on the menu icon in the upper right you are presented with additional actions while you are on the call. From this screen you can choose to mute the call, disconnect and send back to the mobile device, disconnect and send to the Bluetooth headset (if available), or bring up the dialer keypad.

To end your call just tap on the red end key.

Having the ability to make and answer calls directly from the Gear is a great feature. The sound quality is decent from the Gear itself and the process is relatively quick and simple.

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How to make a phone call from the Samsung Galaxy Gear


I wonder if this will ever work on non Samsung devices.

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any work around for making calls if your phone has a security pin on it? My watch will only make a call if the phone is unlocked