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How many people do you see with smartwatches?

By Bla1ze on 21 May 2014 08:03 pm

The smartwatch market is getting pretty hot and really, there's barely a day that goes by that we don't hear about some new product soon to be available, some new Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign for the next best one, hopefully to be available soon — and we certainly know there's folks out there buying them — but how many people do you see out there in your daily lives actually wearing one?

It's rare I leave the house without my Pebble and even though I live in what most folks would consider a small city, I've seen several others wearing smartwatches. Mostly Pebbles but it seems as though the Galaxy Gear has found its way to a few homes in my area. Likely because Rogers, Bell and Best Buy had some really good deals on them as a standalone purchase or bundled with the Galaxy Note 3.

Looking in the Connectedly Forums though, it would seem my experience is a bit on the rare side as it appears not a lot of folks out there are seeing many others with smartwatches on their wrists. Maybe it's due to larger populations, maybe it's due to people not noticing or maybe it's something bigger in the fact there arguably hasn't been a catalyst that pushes them mainstream. Something like Android Wear or Apple's fabled iWatch.

So what's your take on it all? How many people do you see with smartwatches? A lot, not many, some or flat out no one? Perhaps more importantly, if you're not seeing many folks with smartwatches what do you think needs to happen in order for that to change? Let us know in the comments below or head on into the Connectedly Forums to discuss it more.

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How many people do you see with smartwatches?


I have a Pebble and live in a major metropolitan city (Toronto) and I've never seen another smartwatch in person. I've seen plenty of Nike FuelBands, lots of FitBits, I've even seen Google Glass in the wild, but not a single actual smartwatch.

When people notice my Pebble they always ask, "Is that the Samsung watch?" and no matter how much I try to explain to them about what it is and what it does, the conversation always ends with " it's like the Samsung watch?"

Kudos to Samsung for their marketing and advertising prowess, though - people who would never in a million years buy a smartwatch are not only aware of them and what they do, but they think Samsung invented the entire product category.

I've seen two original Pebbles in the wild. One at my work, and one on a ski trip to Mt. Baker in the North West of the US. I canceled my order of the black Pebble Steel because I was still waiting for it to ship when the Moto 360 was announced.
As a side note, I saw my first Google Glass in the wild while at Maker Faire in Silicon Valley last weekend. They were (unsurprisingly) out in force there.

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When I first got my Pebble I was at a house party with some friends, and 3 of us had smartwatches (two Pebbles and a Metawatch). Other than that though, I haven't really seen a lot of them. I have seen a few fitness trackers though (Jawbone Up, Fitbit Flex)

Granted I don't always pay attention to the watch on a strangers' wrist, but I'm sure I'd notice a Gear pretty quickly!

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I went to Six flags last week. I have a black plastic pebble, and while waiting in line, I met two people with pebble steels on in that line alone. Also, I go to middle school, and there are four others besides myself that have pebbles, and one other with a galaxy gear, and another planning on getting the moto 360. It's like a wearable community there.

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One, besides mine. I was picking my son up from school and a mother had a white pebble.

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I haven't seen a single one yet and I think we're in the same town. Personally I am trying to decide between Sonos and a Pebble as my next purchase. I am still reading up on using Talk2Watch vs/and the Pebble app on my Z30, so Sonos might win out for now.

I don't see anyone wearing a smart watch. However since it was a harsh winter and a cold spring most people I see have jackets, sweatshirts etc on. Now that it is just starting to warm up I will be looking. I rock the pebble! AWESOME

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I have yet to see anyone with a smart watch. But I am a teacher and have a Nike+ watch and the kids always ask me if that is one of those "samsung galaxy watches".

I have yet to see anybody with a Smartwatch. Maybe it's the older crowd I hang with though.

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Nobody. Then again, I live in Belgium, where smartphones and tablets took longer to be integrated as well. Planning to be the first one (of people I know) when the Moto 360 gets launched though ;)

I'm from Lincoln, Nebraska. The only people I see with smartwatches are me and my co-workers (AT&T) and reps at the local Best Buy store.

No one around here understands smartwatches nor NFC payments. Constantly blow people's minds with both.

Vancouver, BC. I've only seen one and it was a meeting with the VP of a wireless software company so she was tightly tied to the industry. It was pretty cool but not nearly impressive enough to convince me to buy something like it. Not just yet.

Been seeing a lot with Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Fit. Haven't seen one with Pebble tho.

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I work in the Philadelphia area, and I've never seen anyone with a smartwatch, a glass, or any other wearable. I also rarely see anyone using NFC on their phones.

Only at the phone kiosks at the mall. The best smart watch would be the one where you can't tell it's a smart watch.

Two of my coworkers and a friend of mine wear Pebble smartwatches, but that is about it. So, not that much as one would hope for / expect. I've never seen anyone wearing any other smartwatch like Samsung or the likes. The main problem I see so far is that people who need to charge their phone once a day are not willing to charge their smartwatch, too on a daily basis.

I live in Toronto and work downtown. I am on the subways all the time. I'm very observant of watches, as I've always been a bit of a watchaholic. To date, I have yet to see any in the wild. I have a pebble myself, but I haven't seen a single one so far out there.

I only know of 1 person that has a Smartband for health, but I don't know of anyone that has a smartwatch. Most people I know think they are ugly, too expensive, or just see no reason for one. Myself included...

I have not really noticed. But I did convince a salesperson at audio 2000 when I bought my sonos. He said they look great. I showed him what it could do and mine has the skin on it.

Haven't seen that many although I have seen a few Pebbles and a couple Samsung Gears in the wild. I usually have my Pebble on when I go out (and will probably always have it on once 10.3 officially comes out for BB10 as it will apparently allow for caller ID :) ) and one of my best friends recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy Gear when Best Buy dropped the price to $99. I'm sure that I'll start seeing more throughout the summer.

I've seen about three people with smart watches, the reason they aren't more popular is they look dorky.

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I'm starting to see them, mostly Gears & Pebbles, but what I really am seeing is fitness bands, like fitbits and a few Gears.

I've seen the odd Galaxy Gear/Gear2/Neo in downtown Toronto and sometimes a Pebble. I've bought three OG Gears myself but at the $99 firesale price. One for my GF and her Note 2, the second for a buddy which he uses with his Note 2 and a third one is still sitting in the box. At $99 its more an impulse purchase. But it begs the question that if a smartwatch can look more like a watch and not a geek tech toy then it may become mainstream, depending on the price - which is why I'm looking at the Moto360 very closely.

I've seen a few pebbles in the wild, only one Samsung gear, but I find the majority of people don't even wear a watch anymore, which I find a shame

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I'm in Australia, I own a Pebble myself and have convinced two other friends to purchase them as well. Apart from that, I will only see about two or three smart watch's in the wild per month, mainly Pebble's and Gear's.
Actually yesterday I a Pebble on a young kid who looked about 6 years old... no idea why he needs one (texts from Dora the Explorer maybe?!).

The number is forever increasing, it was only 6 months ago that I first saw a smart watch in the wild, and I think it'll get to the stage where by the end of the year I'll be seeing them on a daily basis (especially if Apple release a wearable). It's great to see this technology catching on!

One person... in total, so far, and it's not me. I've also only seen Google Glass only once in the wild.

That all said, both technologies are so new that they won't be really refined until the third generation. This is coming from an early adopter. The tech is getting there, the new Moto watch is the best yet, but I'll pass for at least another year.

I saw someone driving a Sinclair C5 last week, but have never seen somebody wearing a smartwatch. It is possible they hide them when I am around.

I'm in Thailand. I've never seen anyone wearing any wearable device.
But expect that in the 4th quarter of this year there must be some.

I've. Only seen one Galaxy gear. I'm curious though if there may at the least been some pebbles but didn't really notice or even try to look because it looks like a normal watch and I'm not a watch hawk. I don't know how these things are displayed but hopefully they will get some attention right by the phones. Maybe even packaged together...

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I live in Luxembourg and I'm the only one having a smartwatch; at least I've never seen anyone else use one.
There are some curious glances and questions (somehow more from girls than guys) but I doubt any of them would buy one.

P.S. I use a pebble steel

I myself wear a Pebble Steel. Have seen only one wearing original Pebble. Quite a rare sighting. I'm in Waterloo, ON. It's paired with my Z30.

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I have my Gear, and people ask about it all the time. They tell me how cool it is when I show them everything it can do. I've had a few people ask where they can pick one up.

Months later, only SmartWatch owner I know is me.

I work in a restaurant, so I see hundreds of people a day. I've seen ONE pebble so far (don't know the guy) . So that's it. One random guy, and lots of people who tell me they want one, but never pick it up.

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I live in Saskatoon, Sk. Myself with a pebble watch paired with my BlackBerry. Also an older co-woker with a Galaxy S3 and he went through a few Samsung watches because of the watch band.

I work in a Travel Plaza that's always full of travelers. That being said, since I got my Pebble, I could probably count on one hand how many others I've seen wearing a smartwatch. A few pebbles and maybe a few Galaxy Gears. It usually sparks a conversation about the watches between me and the other wearer. That to me speaks volumes about the rarity of sightings in public places. It hasn't caught on like I believed it would when I bought mine.

I have, and love my Pebble Steel. I live in the suburbs of Detroit MI and hardly see any. Usually just employees at Best Buy.

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I don't see many, as a high school student. I'm pretty much the only one I think, with a Pebble. Though a friend's dad does have a Gear 2.