This is how Minuum on Android Wear looks in real life

By Derek Kessler on 15 Jul 2014 11:31 am

Minimalist keyboard crafter Minuum promised to bring Minuum to Android Wear, and they're ready to give the first glimpse of it actually in action. Previously we saw Minuum offer a concept of what their keyboard would look like on the Moto 360, but the currently-available LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have square screens and don't need the arc-shaped layout. Plus they're also available, which made it much easier for Minuum to actually test their Android Wear keyboard in real life — as you can see above on the G Watch.

Minuum notes that "there aren't yet many apps on Android Wear built with text fields available for typing" — most Android Wear interaction is done through swiping or via voice — but they're apparently working with other developers to make it possible to use Minuum with as many apps as possible.

The question is, though, is a keyboard (Minuum or otherwise) really what you need on a smartwatch?

Source: Minuum

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This is how Minuum on Android Wear looks in real life


Why would you not want the option to correct input before google voice transcription makes you look like an idiot because it mangled what you said?

When is it easier to type on your watch than to pull out your phone and do it?

I feel it being more of a novelty. Nice to have but not actually used

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