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How much do you think the Moto 360 will cost?

Moto 360
By Adam Zeis on 28 Jun 2014 11:00 am

With the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available for purchase, all eyes are on the elusive Moto 360. We've seen the 360 in images and on video perhaps more than the other two devices combined, but we're still stuck waiting for what looks to be the fairest Android Wear device of them all.

We did get a chance to see the Moto 360 live and in person, but there are still no details on specs, release date, or pricing. With the G Watch priced at $229 and the Gear Live at $199, many think that the Moto 360 will be $300 or more — which isn't an unfair statement. The Moto 360 looks to have amazing hardware and is by far the best looking of the bunch, so people will be willing to shell out more bucks.

That being said, we want to know what you think the Moto 360 will cost, and when you think we'll see it. So drop a vote in the poll with your best guess, then hit up the comments and let the speculation begin. And don't forget, even if you're holding out for the Moto 360, you can still win a shiny new Android Wear device in our latest contest.

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How much do you think the Moto 360 will cost?


I think $250-$300. I'm hoping for $250 because $300 is pretty pricey even with the design and I feel most people are not as willing to shell out lots of money for a smart watch as they are a phone or tablet.

Didn't the 360 face design contest say the approximate retail value was $249?

Under contest rules in certain states, you are required by law to state the retail value of the prize before the contestant enters, because you'll get taxed on what you win.

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I hope it's no more than 250, because I would like to try one, but a Google Wear watch just isn't worth more than that. That said, with all the interest it is getting, I wouldn't be surprised if they price it at 300+ at least initially. Think about the Moto X, Motorola has a history of pricing things too high initially and then later offering big discounts.

Currently this is the only smartwatch who triggered my interest, but i don't plan to spend more than 300$ to get one.

I think 250-300. But I won't buy unless its under $200. Love the possibilities of Android Wear, but $199 is my max price.

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I look at what Moto put into the Moto G and what they priced that at. Then I look into what Moto put into the Moto E and what they priced that at.
I think Moto is gonna pull a Moto and I'm throwing my hat in at $179(or less with some kind of package involving the X+1)

My opinion is simply too dang much. I'm hanging onto my OG Pebble for a while yet.

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$399 for the base model. Moto is being a little shady at the moment so I don't trust them. I think if it was only $50 more than the LG then they would have announced something at I/O. Plus with them not letting people see the back for whatever reason leaves me to believe they are modifying something there. (I know Phil showed it off, but for some reason earlier in the conference it wasn't allowed) if they wait too long it'll be released along with the fabled iWatch. And if Apple prices high (and we know they will) so goes Motorola. Let's hope my guess is wrong. I ordered the LG for now. But if the iWatch has Google Now on it it may be them I go to for premium rather than Motorola.

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You're probably right, but I'd like to see it have a speaker for phone calls and Google Now results. I imagine a camera and IR blaster are out of the question.

I'm guessing around $275 US.  Any more than that people who might be interested would probably look to another device (like me).

I have both nexus 7 tablet and Google nexus 5 smartphone. Both perform admirably and were priced competitively. Should the moto g 360 smartwatch be priced in excess of £180.00 in the UK, Motorola can shove it where the sun don't shine!