If you are experiencing some issues with your Pebble that you are unable to resolve through conventional troubleshooting methods, odds are that you will need to revert to an older firmware on your device to get things fixed. Pebble releases beta and nightly builds of firmware at times and as you could expect, some of them will contain bugs and serious issues — but luckily fixing this is pretty easy.

If your Pebble reboots three times or has an identified unstable software, it will automatically boot right into recovery mode so to easily assist in fixing the issue. If your watch is experiencing issues that do not prompt it to enter recovery mode on its own, you can still do it manually in just a few seconds.

To enter recovery mode on your Pebble you will need to do the following:

  • Press and hold the Up, Back and Select buttons at the same time for 30 seconds
  • Wait until the screen says Loading... 
  • Once you see the loading screen the buttons can be released, and then it will be in recovery mode.

The difference between recovery mode and factory reset is that with recovery mode your apps will stay on your phone and just the firmware on your Pebble is changed. During a factory reset your apps are erased while the firmware remains the same.

In order to get your Pebble out of recovery mode you will need to completely disconnect it from your mobile device by forgetting the Bluetooth connection and then you will need to pair them again and do a software update. Whether you have updated the software and something has gone wrong, or your Pebble just seems to be acting a bit wonky, recovery mode should be able to help get you back to a stable software in no time.