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How to send texts with your Samsung Galaxy Gear using S Voice

By Alicia Erlich on 26 Feb 2014 12:54 pm

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is designed to offer functions that others currently available do not. One of those features is the ability to do hands-free texting without having to use your connected device’s keyboard.

The way in which it accomplishes this feat is through S Voice, Samsung’s voice-control system, which is a built-in application on many of their handheld products. An important thing to remember is that in order to use S Voice, your Gear will need to be connected to the smartphone.

  • Open S Voice by quickly double-pressing the Power/Home Key on the Gear
  • You can either wait until the microphone icon turns blue to speak or tap the mic icon on the Gear’s display and say “Send Message”
  • Speak the name of the person you wish to send a text too
  • At the prompt, “Who would you like to send a message?” say the contact’s name
  • If there are multiple numbers associated with the person speak the correct type of number you would like to send to (i.e. Say “Mobile” for SMS)
  • When prompted, speak your message into the microphone
  • If you pause or stop speaking, S Voice will wait and continue capturing the audio, adding it to the message.
  • When you are finished, say “Yes.” If you say “No,” you will be redirected back to the prior recording screen to either “Add Text, Replace Text, Send or Cancel.”
  • Once the action has been completed successfully by S Voice, a confirmation message appears on the Gear’s display saying “OK, I sent it”

Quick Tip: Rather than say send message just speak “Text” and the “Contact Name”

Pro Tip: Go into the contacts app and select a name. Swipe to the left across the screen over the mobile number and it will launch the S Voice command to send a message. If the mobile number is also listed in the call log, this action works there as well. 

Using S Voice enhances the capabilities of your Galaxy Gear and helps handle hands-free messages with ease without having to remove your smartphone from the case.

For more tips or tricks, be sure to check out our Help and How-to Guides or stop by the Galaxy Gear forums.

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How to send texts with your Samsung Galaxy Gear using S Voice


Another tip: If you have multiple contacts with same first name or you have foreign spelling names, you can use phonetic name field in Google contacts. Works great for me :)

I love this feature on my Gear. It's a great way to reply quickly when on the go.
Only down side is it doesn't work with other messaging platforms. For example BBM.

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