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How to set an alarm on the Pebble smartwatch

Pebble Alarm
By Jared DiPane on 5 Feb 2014 09:29 am

Since getting my Pebble, my smartphone has remained on silent and sometimes not even in my pocket. For many cases this is just fine, but when it comes to alarms it is less than ideal. Luckily the folks at Pebble thought of this when developing the software and have built in quite a great alarm function to the smartwatch

The process of setting up an alarm is extremely easy and takes only a minute. With just a few button presses you will be in business and the alarm will go off to keep you headed in the right direction.

  1. From the main menu scroll down to Alarms
  2. Set the hour, then press select. Set the minutes then press select again.
  3. Set AM or PM for the alarm and press select button to finish.

That's it! Really — it is just that easy to set a new alarm on your Pebble smartwatch. After you create the alarm you will be given the option to toggle the alarm on and off, delete it, set another alarm and set the snooze delay. Once the time comes for the alarm your Pebble will start vibrating and here you will be given the option to dismiss the alarm or snooze it. 

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How to set an alarm on the Pebble smartwatch

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Does the alarm sound on the phone or is there a speaker on the phone?

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