How to set double press shortcut on the Samsung Galaxy Gear

By Jared DiPane on 12 Feb 2014 08:33 am

Samsung has built in the ability to launch an application from the Galaxy Gear with a double press of the power button. Out of the box, Samsung has set the double press to launch S Voice, but this is not something that everyone will find particularly useful. Luckily changing this setting is very easy and in just a few minutes you can change the application that will launch to something you may use a bit more regularly.

Whether you want to start one of your favorite applications like Evernote or RunKeeper, or start a Voice Memo or Stopwatch — achieving this only takes a few seconds. Let's take a look at the process to get your most used application in the double press shortcut slot.

  1. Launch the Galaxy Gear Manager application on your phone
  2. Head into settings
  3. Select double pressing power key option
  4. Set your favorite application

Changing this option is extremely easy so you are able to change this on the go if you know you will be using a different application heavily that day. The double press of the power key is aimed to get you into the application that you need quickly, and setting it up to work with an application that you actually use regularly is equally important.

Which application do you use most on your Galaxy Gear, and have you already set it to be the double press shortcut of your device?

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How to set double press shortcut on the Samsung Galaxy Gear