When a firmware update is available for the Galaxy Gear, you don't always have to install it through your compatible Android device using Gear Manager. An alternative method is available in case you experience issues such as connectivity problems or the dreaded "the maximum number of roll-outs has been exceeded."

For those of you who want to update the firmware on your Galaxy Gear, grab your USB data cable, fire up your computer, and follow these step-by-step instructions. This way the next time an update is available you'll be ready and won't have to keep tapping on the update button on your smartphone. 

First up is installing the Samsung Kies desktop software on your MAC or Windows PC. You can find the download links for them here. Keep in mind there are two versions available for Windows users. There is version 2.x for older devices released before September 2013 and Kies 3, which supports newer devices such as the Note 3 and devices with Android 4.3. Please be aware that for the purposes of this tutorial I used my Windows computer.

This is important because out of the box the Galaxy Gear is compatible with the older version of Kies. Only if you installed the latest firmware, MK7, would your Gear be compatible with Kies 3. 
Next, launch the Kies application, place your gear in the charging cradle and connect it to your computer with the USB data cable.  After a moment or two, Kies will recognize your hardware, and if an update is available, prompt you to install. Simply click on the notification to start the firmware upgrade for your Galaxy Gear. During this process, the important thing to remember is to not disconnect your device from the computer or the cable. 
Time will vary for the installation but after it has successfully installed, users should restart the device, disconnect it from the cable and then reconnect it.

Quick Tip: To restart your Gear, press and hold on the power button on the side and tap on restart. 

At this point, if you currently use the older version of Kies on Windows you should receive a message that it no longer supports your firmware and directs you to the upgrade link to Kies 3. Users should click to download and install, and this is the version to use going forward for all of your Galaxy Gear updates as the original is no longer compatible. MAC users do not have to worry as no software upgrade is necessary and it will continue to recognize your Gear when plugged in via USB.

Plain and simple, using Kies helps bypass the OTA issues that you may nor may not encounter when using the Gear Manager to install a firmware update. 

Need further assistance, head on over to our forums for more tips and tricks for your Gear.