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How to use the Pebble appstore on Android

How to use the Pebble appstore on Android
By DJ Reyes on 11 Mar 2014 01:13 pm

The Pebble appstore and Pebble 2.0 has finally landed for those on Android. While some people already made the jump and tried out the beta offerings, there are many who prefer the official release. Thankfully the wait is over and Android users can now start to enjoy the Pebble appstore.

With the Pebble appstore, finding and installing watch faces and apps has been made simpler since you can now find them all in one place. There isn't much to it but in true Smartwatch Fans fashion, we have a tutorial to help you out in case you get stuck.

Connecting your Pebble

To use the Pebble app, you'll need to connect your Pebble to your device. You can do this by opening the Pebble app, it will prompt you to allow it to turn on the Bluetooth on your device if it isn't on already. If you haven't yet paired your Pebble to your device it will go through the process of accepting the pairing. Once you have successfully connected your Pebble to your Android device it will say Connected as your device status on the top left.



My Pebble

The My Pebble section of the Pebble app is where it will show the apps and watch faces installed on your Pebble. You have 8 slots available. You'll also find a locker (which may be empty the first time). The locker is where you'll find previously installed apps which you have been unloaded but not fully deleted. Makes them quicker to access if you want to load them up again. You can scroll through each of the installed apps and those in your locker and you can tap each one to see more information or to load or unload them, or even delete altogether.



Get Watch Faces

The Watchfaces tab is where you'll find all the available watch faces. There's a carousel at the top showcasing the featured watch faces. You can also browse the Moved Loved and Pebble Picks sections too. Or you can just browse through all the watch faces.

If you find a watch face you like, tap into it to see more information, like the description and developer, as well as which platform(s) it is available for. To load it up just tap Add in the top right and it will load up onto your Pebble.



Get Apps

The Apps section works the same way as the Watchfaces section. There are six categories you can browse through to refine your search - Daily, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, Remotes, Fitness and Games. You again you can browse through Most Loved, Pebble Essentials or Weekly Top Picks. There is also a carousel at the top with five featured apps.

When you find one you like, you can tap into it to see which platform(s) it's available for as well as a description and more. Just tap Add to load it up onto your Pebble. In some cases a companion app is required on your device and you will be prompted to download that too. You may find other apps that say Get instead of Add, this just means you'll be directed to download the companion app. 


There you have it. Easy as pie, right? Now you can get on with loading those apps and watch faces.

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How to use the Pebble appstore on Android

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How to use the pebble app store on android...

Phase one: wait a month longer than iOS.
Phase two: ???
Phase three: profit...or not cause the app is meh

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