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How to use the Pebble appstore on your iPhone

By Adam Zeis on 3 Feb 2014 01:07 pm

The Pebble appstore is now available for iOS allowing users the ease of adding apps and watch faces to Pebble devices with very little effort. Pebble has over 6,000 developers on board that will continue to add some great apps and watch faces to the appstore making it the go to place for all of your Pebble needs. 

The Pebble appstore is built-in to the Pebble app as well so everything is easily accessible in one spot. The app itself is easy enough to use, but if you're having some trouble getting started, keep reading and we'll take a quick look at how it all breaks down.

Connecting Your Pebble

When you first fire up the Pebble app you'll need to connect your watch. Doing so it easy — just enable Bluetooth on your iPhone and accept the pairing request one both devices. Once your phone and Pebble are paired successfully the app will display Connected for your device status.



My Pebble

Tapping on My Pebble will let you view all of the installed apps and watch faces as well as those saved to your locker (which may be empty if this is your first time). You can scroll though the installed apps, tapping them to bring up info and the ability to unload from your device. You have 8 usable slots for apps and watch faces, so saving items to your locker keeps them around for quick access in the future.


To unload and app from your Pebble, tap it in the list and choose Unload. The app will be removed from your watch and store in your locker. To load an app from your locker, simply tap it and choose Load. You can also delete items from your locker on this screen.

Some apps also have simple customization options. To access this, tap the Settings button below the loaded watch face. Choose your settings then close to save.


Get Watchfaces

The watchfaces tab shows all of the currently available watch faces in the appstore. You can browse through the categories that include Most Loved and Pebble Picks, or tap the search button on the top right to search the entire store.

When you find a watch face you wish to install on your Pebble, tap to open it then tap Add. The watch face will be added to your Pebble. 



Get Apps

Apps work in the same manner as watch faces. You can browse through categories that include Daily, Notifications, Fitness, Tools & Utilities, Remotes and Games. You also have the option here to search for apps. 

When you find an app you want to install, tap to open it, then tap the Add button. The app will be loaded to your Pebble.



That's it! Now you can load up apps and watch faces to your Pebble just like that. Of course you can still grab them from other sources as well should you choose to do so.


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How to use the Pebble appstore on your iPhone


no update in the UK yet but itunes always rolls out slowly... something to do tomorrow morning i guess! :)

UPDATE * it just appeared in the UK store :)

Just got my updated iOS app at 4:21 pm east coast so hopefully everyone else will be getting theirs too. Asked me to login or sign up if you don't have a get pebble account then It updated my pebble to 2.0. Sent me a welcome to 2.0 and the pebble app App Store. Then it checked my 2 loaded apps - a watch face I generated and smartwatch+ and said both had 2.0 compatible upgrades so it loaded them. Asked me to do test notifications. They worked and took me to the App Store. I'm diving into the pebble App Store right now.

Anyone else having issues with apps not connecting unless the Pebble app is open on the iPhone? For example, the Foursquare app won't do anything unless I have the Pebble app open.

The new update seems cool but there appears to be more work needed to make some of these watchfaces more practical. For example, I found a watchface called "Both Worlds" that provided all of the info I was looking for. I used it all day today and I noticed that my battery on my phone was getting hammered! It turns out that the GPS was checking weather every time I moved my wrist enough to activate the backlight! I checked the settings and there wasn't an option to select my location manually. Not to mention that the weather forecast didn't seem accurate. I found another watchface that did allow me to select a location but I prefer "Both Worlds". I hope that with time an option for comments will be added like in the other app stores.