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HP, Gilt, and Michael Bastian partner for stylish new smartwatch

HP partners with fashionistas for fancy new smartwatch
By Derek Kessler on 1 Aug 2014 08:42 am

HP is jumping into the smartwatch game, but they're partnering with designer Michael Bastian and online luxury retailer Gilt to make one that looks good. Details of this smartwatch will do are slim, but we do know that they're aiming to have it work with iOS and Android — nope, it's not Android Wear — and that there will be companion apps for both platforms that allow users to customize the watch's interface.

The partnership with Bastian is meant to make a smartwatch that looks as good as it's likely to cost, though HP's going to have a lot of competition in that space, including but not limited to the Pebble Steel, Withings Activité, Moto 360, and the long-rumored iWatch. What we know about this watch focuses more on that design, with a 44mm stainless steel case, multi-layered finish, "distinctive bezel bolts", a physical lighted chronograph, and three interchangeable bands. The design is said to be inspired by luxury automobiles.

Watch sketches

Is a collaboration between old-school Silicon Valley giant HP, lauded fashion designer Michael Bastian, and luxury goods flash sale site Gilt just what the smartwatch world needed? Or is it yet another attempt at building a smartwatch that will bring you bits of information like notifications, music control, and updates on stocks, sports, and weather but no real smart features?

Source: Gilt; Via: Engadget, Fashionista

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HP, Gilt, and Michael Bastian partner for stylish new smartwatch


I have a Note 3 and I am going back to my blackberry once the passport comes out. What would be a good smartwatch to get?

Could be nice looking. Sounds like a smart watch hybrid. Seems like at this point it would need to be either iOS or Wear based. But maybe there is enough room for growth for a few different platforms that do the same things, differently.

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And as usual, HP will test the waters in a new area and then abruptly leave customers holding the bag. Same with GPS and smartphones. I had both. Great products but they left and took support with them.

wow, this could be an awesome new product line, kind of like HP's webOS Pre phones and Touchpads! And HP is a big company that would never start up a product line and then drop it... right?

the only thing I can say is that I hope Pebble doesn't sell themselves to them - ask Palm who well that works out!