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HP's gesture-tracking keyboard on sale later in June for $99

HP Leap Motion keyboard
By John Callaham on 9 Jun 2014 09:35 am

While Leap Motion is still selling its gesture-tracking add-on for Windows 7 and 8 for $79.99, there will soon be another way for people to quickly use the technology. HP has recently revealed that it will begin selling its keyboard that has the Leap Motion sensor hardware built inside the case.

Originally, HP was only selling the keyboard with some of its desktop and all-in-one PCs back in December. However, the company is now saying that anyone with a Windows 7 or 8 PC will be able to purchase the keyboard for $99 sometime later in June.

The original Leap Motion add-on device was first launched in the summer of 2013 and since about 500,000 units have been sold. The hardware was also integrated into the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition notebook. However, the technology, which allows users to control some aspects of Windows 7, 8 and Mac PCs with hand gestures, is still in its infancy, mostly due to its first generation software combined with a lack of apps that support the product.

Leap Motion has already released new software drivers to developers that enable the tracking of individual joints inside a person's hands. There's no word on when the software will be released to the general public.

Source: Engadget

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HP's gesture-tracking keyboard on sale later in June for $99


I purchased a leap the second they came out from Best Buy. The Leap is REALLY good at what it does. The software, on the other hand, is not there and the motion sensor gets pretty warm. I keep mine unplugged and unused, unfortunately.

Yeah too bad. The technology is really great and the idea to integrate it in a desktop keyboard is also superb. Let's see if it will gain some traction. Especially with Win8 this can be a great usecase.