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HTC reportedly working on three new wearables

By Adam Zeis on 20 Feb 2014 07:36 am

According to reports from Bloomberg, HTC is working on three new wearable devices — one of which may be shown off to partners at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Details are still incomplete, but the first device is said to be much like the Qualcomm Toq design and uses a Mirasol display. A second device is rumored to be sporting an AMOLED display and offer Google Now features, something that many have been waiting on for quite some time, though expecting in a device directly from Google. This also means that the device most likely will also be running Android. The third device is wristband with a touchscreen display that will have music and fitness tracking features. 

Hopefully we'll see one or more of these devices next week at MWC in some form, so stay tuned.

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HTC reportedly working on three new wearables


Want to see all three come to market but probably will not happen... Curious about what direction they will end up going.

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