HTC rumored to be working on One Wear smartwatch

By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2014 11:12 am

As more and more big names get into the wearables space, it seems that no one wants to be left behind. We just recently heard more rumors of Microsoft getting into the smartwatch game joining the likes of Motorola, LG and Samsung. Now it looks like HTC may be developing their own smartwatch as well, dubbed One Wear.

According to rumors, HTC's One Wear is a round device similar to the Moto 360 and will be offered in polycarbonate and metal varieties. Unfortunately not much else is known at this point about any other specs. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one though.

Would you want a smartwatch from HTC? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TKTechNews; Via: CNET

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Reader comments

HTC rumored to be working on One Wear smartwatch


I'm all for it, if done well. So far, I'm only really impressed with the Pebble. The Gear series is trying to do too much. Not a huge fan of the Smartwatch series, but maybe because my usage of it has been limited.

Being a fan of HTC lately, I could go for this. The Ones M7 and M8 have been of superb build quality. I'd like to see that transferred to a wearable.

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Definitely gonna keep my eye on this one. I use an HTC device, and I dig the look of the Moto360.

The more options, the better for the consumer. Moto360 is #1 for me right now, but if HTC follows suit with a 'classic' look with modern conveniences, I'm definitely not brand loyal. May the best product win!

Great news! I would definetly be interested in a smartwatch from HTC. Have had two htc phones before my current nexus 5. Next one will probably be a htc, would be cool to combine with the watch.

I'm more and more inclined to hold out a few months, maybe wait till Xmas before making any kind of purchase. I think I'll just keep using my sony smartwatch for work and my Pocket watch for dress until then. You know how the saying goes "Maxima omnium virtutum est patientia" (Patience is the greatest of all virtues). Lets just see who releases what and how they all stack up on specs, price and battery!

Imagine an all metal smartwatch by HTC? The metal would probably feel good on the wrist just like the M7 & M8 feel great in the hand!

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HTC could definitely make a pretty watch, but anything more than $200 would be too much for me...

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Looking forward to this one. I am a big fan HTC's smartphones. I like their design and features. Compared to Samsung they don't just add stuff to the phone that nobody needs or uses like scrolling with your eyes. Instead they try to add useful stuff that you can use in everyday life, e.g. BlinkFeed. If I'd go for a smartwatch it'd definitely be on from HTC.

I wonder if they will pull a Sammy and make it only work with HTC phones or of it will support all android or better yet be cross platform.

Geez everyone and their mother is making a freaking smart watch! I know it's good for choice yadda yadda but still seems like over saturation.