Verizon has announced its smart car add-on called Hum. What is Hum? It's essentially OnStar for your older non-OnStar equipped vehicle.

Hum comes with a little dongle adapter that plugs into your car's OBD-II port. A Bluetooth-compatible speaker clips to your visor and allows you to communicate with the mechanic or emergency helpline. Hum will monitor your vehicle's system continuously during operation and synced with your smartphone will alert you to any issues during operation. It can even provide a possible solution or cost estimates for many vehicle issues. There is also an option to input maintenance reminders and keep yourself organized with all your vehicle service requirements.

If you get into an accident, Hum can automatically contact police and emergency services should the driver be unresponsive. Hum can also track your stolen vehicle and send its last known location to authorities. Many of the features OnStar offers in its connected cars now available for those older vehicles.

The Hum hardware costs $120 and will work with virtually all cars made after 1996. Along with the initial cost, there is also a $14.99 a month service fee.

Source: HUM