If you're in the market for a new USB wall adapter to charge your device, this Kickstarter campaign may be of interest to you. It's for a product called the HyperCharge Hub, and it claims to be the fastest phone and tablet charger on the market and also promises to be a future proof.

USB powered wall chargers have slowly been upgrading every year to catch up with the demand our larger phones and tablets require. The original iPhone shipped with a 1Amp wall charger, that was updated to 2Amps when the iPad came out. We've seen USB wall chargers further evolve to 2.4Amps for quick charging. The Hypercharge Hub offers an industry leading 3.5Amps making it ready to charge all current and future devices in the fastest time possible. It features two USB ports, as well as a multi-position power prong. Best of all this product still has some spots available that promise to get you a $10 HyperCharger Hub by the end of December 2015.

Pledge to get a HyperCharge Hub / $ 10 & up