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Ibis dual-face smartwatch debuts at MWC

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2014 07:49 am

There are a good number of smartwatches this year at MWC in Barcelona, and in addition to some that we've already see, there are also some newcomers. One of those is the Ibis —​ a dual-face concept device that looks to bring more fashion to the smartwatch. The Ibis actually has two watch faces across the front, allowing for a separate space for clock and notifications. 

The device is made up of stainless steel and crystals and runs on Android. It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth 4.0. No word of any pricing or release yet, but it looks like it's still in the early stages. 

Press Release

The Ibis Dual Face Smart Watch Debuts at Mobile World Congress 2014

Stylish smart watch combines analogue and smart watch faces with an elegant, wearable jewellery design

Barcelona, Spain – 24th February 2014 – Product creation house Creoir Ltd debuts the Ibis smart watch today at Mobile World Congress. The Ibis ushers in a new category of wearable technology that is driven by the latest style trends. The Ibis is challenging consumer perceptions about smart watches being cumbersome and unattractive. The Ibis is wearable jewellery that integrates the latest technologies for a seamless experience. Beautifully crafted in crystal and stainless steel, the design was inspired by a flying bird whose wing tips touch together while carrying a young bird on its back, symbolising the precious and personal current of information on your smart watch.

Any watch, smart or not, is personal style statement by the wearer. The Ibis brings an innovative design-led approach to the nascent smart watch industry where fashion will be a key driver of smart watch sales for consumers. According to industry research company Gartner Inc., most smart watches have not achieved mass-market appeal due to the lack of innovative design. The majority of products that have been launched so far have displays that many consumers will find "unstylish & clunky" due to their bulkiness.

“We believe the demand for smart watches will be driven by fashion and sport brands, and the Ibis exemplifies the type of product that we create for fashion brands, said Creoir Ltd CEO Pekka Väyrynen. He continues, “Every brand has its own design language, so with each client we start from scratch to develop a product that specifically matches the brand and their audience. With our expertise, we can provide consumer brand owners with everything they need to have a real advantage when entering the smart device space.”

The philosophy behind the design is to bring longevity and elegance in the form of bracelet combining an analogue quartz watch with a smart watch display that is future proof due to its unique user interface. The aim is to combine timeless beauty and functionality.

The Ibis smart watch features include:

  • Stainless steel and crystal materials
  • Low power optimised Android platform with custom UI
  • Interoperable with iOS and Android
  • OLED display with integrated touch
  • Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity
  • Accelerometer, e-compass and ambient light sensor
  • Remote control and notifications with your smart phone

The Ibis is the latest concept smart watch from Creoir Ltd, a company that designs and manufactures tailored mobile devices for consumer brands. The Ibis design can be viewed at the Team Finland stand at Mobile World Congress, located at 5F31 in Hall 5.

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Reader comments

Ibis dual-face smartwatch debuts at MWC


This does look pretty - Omate this is the kind of watch that can be called Elegance so take note. However do you sacrifice functionality? Will need to see specs and a hands-on and review but obviously this is very early stages so that will come in due course.

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That's gorgeous! Although, tag words such as "elegance," "timeless," mean EXPENSIVE to me. And, it's still a concept (for now?). But, it is the nicest looking one I've seen so far. Champagne taste...

If I could strap on a Leather Strap, I actually would be very interested in this.

Without that crazy bracelet looking contraption thinga-ma-ziggy, the watch looks pretty cool.

Because in terms of numbers of users, it goes:
Windows Phone

Did I miss anything?

Posted from my M7