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iCarta 2 toilet paper holder boasts Bluetooth stereo

iCarta 2 Bluetooth toilet paper dock
By Simon Sage on 6 May 2014 05:06 pm

Behold, the future of pooping. The iCarta 2 brings the joy of stereo music to your daily ablutions thanks to a dedicated iPhone dock that's connected to a handy toilet paper holder. Don't let the old 30-pin connector dissuade you; Bluetooth connectivity provides the utmost freedom of movement, so you can keep playing Angry Birds with big sound while also pinching a loaf. The iCarta 2 is powered by 4 AA batteries and has dedicated hardware power and volume keys. Just, uh, make sure to wipe those down regularly.

Of course, the iCarta 2 could be legitimately useful if your bathroom doesn't have a lot of space, but you want some tunes while taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Still, this is mainly for playing on your iPhone while you're dropping the kids off at the pool.

Connectedly is still in the early stages, but with stuff like this popping up, we're eager to explore the nascent connected bathroom industry. Fess up, who's actually interested in getting one of these things?


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iCarta 2 toilet paper holder boasts Bluetooth stereo


Well this is a great idea for small bathrooms. You can set your music and hop into the shower without the annoyance of your pod or phone falling into a wet shower or tub. It is also a great idea for those who listen to audio books and want to take in another chapter while carrying out another chore at the same time. How about catching up on the TV show you missed last night or watching or listening to the morning News?

while at first I thought "disgusting", I soon realized that I could blue-tooth a 2 minute song, so my kids would know how long to brush for... Brush until the music stops kiddo's... oops sorry, did I play the song "American Pie"? talk about some pearly whites!!!

Nope. What's the sound quality on that thing? Would definitely prefer a dedicated speaker plugged in a power outlet aka no batteries.

Now this is just ridiculous who's going to be even in the bathroom long to enough to even make use of this. I guess you could use it while in the shower.

This is absurd... I'm a big fan of home automation, but this is..... It's..... *crap*, I don't know the word for it...

This doesn't sound the least bit odd to me. I keep a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom for when I'm taking a shower, or other things, and want to listen to some podcasts. Depending on the volume of this I'd get one - but to be heard over the shower and vent it would need to get up there.

They should take a note from the oscar meyer bacon scent clock and have it at least spray some febreeze when the music stops playing.

You change the site name and you start reporting on sh!t....literally. lol jk love you guys.

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If i'm gonna buy a 50$ gadget, i won't want to leave it behind in the crapper for most of the day. Maybe if i had a mansion though........

The concept is kinda cool though, AND funny! :D

THIS!!! This is what humanity truly needs. All this time, people have been thinking... What is that perfect must-have product? Well... THERE YOU GO!!! Now if only it would support Android. :(

It supports Bluetooth as well so it would work with Android. You just couldn't dock the phone

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this sounds really ridiculous but on second thought i remember that this is gonna be a part of the future. how about listening to mozart when pooping. classic ! but in all seriousness it is a bit....i don't really have a word for something so ....whatever! an iphone dock built into my toilet paper holder ? i would rather place it in a waterproof dock which protects my iphone and can be kept on the sink counter .

If this was cheaper than a standard toilet roll holder, I'd probably still get the standard one.

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Not terribly crazy, since the future of home tech would be combining every day products that will hookup to your mobile, whether physically or bluetooth. Seems a bit crazy at first, but the less clutter, the better. They're just thinking of ways to put music in your bathroom without having to take up space on your magazine rack or whatever. Although, personally, not for me. To each their own I suppose! Musical pooping!

Honestly, this doesn't seem like a huge joke to me. I would order one for every bathroom if it were wired somehow or if it had a clock. Either of those features would be a definite sale. Now I have to buy one and see how it works...

Interesting product, not too sure it will catch on. Unless, you decide to listen to some tunes whilst reading the morning paper on the throne lol

Hold onto your...

MIT's SENSEeable City Lab are working on smart toilets that can recognise the user and run biomarker and microbiota analysis.