If you stare at a bright screen before bed, you're going to have a bad time. The blue color in our devices is messing with our melatonin levels, making it hard to fall asleep after a late night of bright screen watching. While software solutions have existed for our smartphones and computers, no options have been around for our TV sets. That is, until now. Saffron is a company known for creating the Drift Light, a LED light bulb that mimics the subtle fade of a sunset to promote quality of sleep. Their latest product is the Drift TV, a simple box that you connect to your TV, and that will slowly remove the level of blue light emission coming from your screen. It can be set to run on a schedule, so those late evenings in front of the TV won't mess with your melatonin levels.

The Drift TV box supports 4K resolutions, can remove all or none of the blue light emissions, can be set on a recurring schedule, is compatible with HDMI switches, and will work with universal remotes.

The company hopes to have the product out in time for Christmas of this year. No mention of a price so far, but they do have an email signup box on their site for further updates.

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