IFTTT adds Aros channel for controlling your smart A/C

Aros AC
By Adam Zeis on 30 Jun 2014 12:28 pm

IFTTT has added a new channel today, specifically for owners of the Aros smart A/C. The Wi-Fi connected air-conditioner can be controlled from your smartphone and now through IFTTT integration as well. That means you can do more than just turn it on or off when you're out of the house. Set up a few recipes and you can make your Aros work exactly the way you need it.

With the new channel, you can create all kinds of awesome recipes around your Aros. There are simple ones like turning on the AC if the temperature is high, or shutting if off if it's too low, but how about things setting it to go on when you reach your daily goal on Fitbit? Or having it turn on when you're near home? All possible thanks to IFTTT.

This is just one of the awesome uses for IFTTT and connected devices, and Aros owners will be happy to take full advantage of some very cool recipes.

Are you an Aros users? Excited for some IFTTT integration? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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IFTTT adds Aros channel for controlling your smart A/C