Like a regular lightbulb, only smarter

You change the look of the inside of your house when you host parties or decorate for different occasions, why wouldn't you do the same for your backyard? With ilumi Smartbulbs, you can change the look of your front or backyard in an instant.

You light up my life

ilumi Smartbulbs allow you to set the atmosphere in your pool, patio or backyard using just your smartphone. First up, these lights couldn't be eaiser to install and set up. The outdoor LED floodlight screws into a standard socket and is color adjustable (you can pick from literally millions of colors), so you can go from flashing-rainbow-party-mode to romantic-elegant-backyard-dinner-mode with just the touch of a button. Download the companion app for your Apple or Android device and you're set to control the intensity, color, and so much more of these smart, responsive bulbs!

The water resistant smartbulb is designed to withstand direct sunlight and can also be synced to the beat of the music playing from your phone. Multiple bulbs can up the ante, and you can connect up to 50 bulbs and control them all, individually or together, with one device.

ilumi Smartbulbs


The ilumi Smartbulb is a color-adjustable, dimmable LED floodlight that can sync to music and allows you to set the atmosphere in your pool, patio or backyard using just your smartphone.

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Right on schedule

Each ilumi has a built-in clock, so you can set up a schedule to automatically turn your lights on or off whenever you want, right from your phone or tablet. And because of the built-in clock, the bulbs never forget their color or schedules when they're turned off with a conventional light switch.

You can also change light colors or dim the bulbs using the app and set up vacation mode to make it look like people are home and turning on lights, even when they're not.