Not satisfied with the audio quality that your GoPro captures? Take a look at this, as Roland just announced the WEARPRO Mic. It's their latest wearable device that can help you record more immersive first-person sound with your GoPro.

It works with the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 video cameras, and its unique design allows the WEARPRO Mic's to capture binaural audio. Not sure what that is? It's a method of recording sound using two mics that have been arranged to create a 3D-like sound for listeners. It's meant to mimic the sound you would hear if you were in the room during its recording. Just place the earbuds in your ears, and plug them into the GoPro's mini-USB Jack, and start recording truly realistic 3D sound via the two mics built into each ear.

There are no batteries, power is drawn from the GoPro itself, and while they don't play any sound into your ears, the open-air structure is said to still allow outside sounds to reach your ears.

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