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Reviewed: INSTEON home automation system

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2014 05:36 pm

There are loads of awesome home automation systems available now, but one that has been around for a few years now is Insteon. The system includes a variety of sensors, cameras, switches, a thermostat and of course a hub to tie it all together. There are a few sizes of starter kits to get you going, ranging from the $199 Starter Kit to the $299 Home Kit to the $499 Business Kit. You can also just buy the setup in pieces as you see fit as well, so that's a bonus. You can also tie in things like ceiling fans, garage doors, and even your sprinkler.

Much like other systems you can add scenes, tweak settings, access the system remotely and overall just go nuts getting your home connected. The system works with iPhone, Android and now Windows & Windows Phone as well — so no matter what platform you're using you control your Insteon system without a hitch. For some, it's a necessity to secure a home remotely or monitor a rental — for others, it's just a cool thing to do. Either way it will definitely become an addiction as you'll want to add more and more pieces to the system (trust me, I know).

Our good pal Dan at Windows Phone Central took the Insteon system for a spin to try things out, so be sure to check out the fulle review. You can also enter to win an Insteon system of your very own — so don't miss out!

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Reviewed: INSTEON home automation system