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Interview: Kreyos Co-Founder talks Meteor smartwatch shipping delays and next steps

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2014 09:16 am

The folks at Kreyos recently dropped word that they are pushing their ship date for their Meteor smartwatch back to April due to an issue with microphone and speaker during voice calls. The problem has been identified and a fix is on the way, but unfortunately it means units won't be shipping as soon as they would like. 

We reached out to Kreyos in hopes of clearing things up for everyone waiting on a Meteor and Co-Founder Steve Tan was kind enough to get back to us with some clarifications.

It's only been a few weeks since CES, we you aware at that time that you would have to push back?

We really were not. We were doing our demos in CES using early Meteor prototypes which, while not 100% complete, have key features working.

When did you decide to not go forward with the current model?

Just to clarify, we're not scrapping the entire production batch. The fix only involves implementing minor modifications to the hardware. We realized the need to do this after we subjected the entire batch to exhaustive testing specific to the Meteor's ability to make and take phone calls. We found a slight "echoing" issue which I will talk about in more detail in the next question. 

What exactly is the issue you've found and how easy is the fix?

We found that when on a call using the Meteor, the person on the other end of the line hears a slight echo of himself. We have identified a fix and while it only entails a minor modification to the hardware, we'll need to not only implement them on the hardware but also make sure that the problem does not persist after the fix and make sure that the fix doesn't give rise to new, unforeseen issues. We posted more details on this on our blog:

Does this apply to all the units thus far? How costly is the error?

It does. And there is a significant cost attached to this fix but what's the fact that it will take additional time to fix and test this is more regrettable for us (moreso for our backers--something we apologize profusely for)

How confident are you for an April release?

Based on early tests, the fix we identified does permanently address the problem. We will continue to test as rigorously as possible but we are very optimistic at this point.

Are there any other potential setbacks at this point?

Not that we are aware of. The timeframe we gave for shipping already factors in a testing period that would identify any other potential issues but, as mentioned earlier, if the results from our early tests are any indication, we're very optimistic that we're not going to run into any other issues at this point.

How will you keep backers updated from here on out?

Admittedly, we did a very poor job in the past in keeping our backers apprised of development. We put resources in place to improve the turnaround time of the company's response to questions and concerns on social media and our helpdesk. We're also committing to posting updates more regularly. We're aiming to do bi-weekly updates moving forward.


So it does look like they've got a good plan going forward, and Mr. Tan assured me that he and the entire Kreyos team are committed to launching the "best smartwatch on the market" and appreciate the continued support from the community. We'll be sure to keep tabs on the process and Kreyos' says they'll be keeping us informed as well. 


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Interview: Kreyos Co-Founder talks Meteor smartwatch shipping delays and next steps


With all due respect, that's the ugliest damn watch I've ever seen! Sorry but with what will soon be crowded territory, these good people have spent time, money, and energy designing and developing something that no one could possibly find attractive! It's a shame. I'll shut up now.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I'm sure there are plenty of people who like this watch. Beauty is in the eye f the beholder. Could it be better? Sure. But I think it looks pretty cool. Plus I like that you can swap it around between the various accessories. 

Sorry to hear that from you. The Meteor doesn't look that bad. Once you see it up close, you'll find the watch to be pretty sleek. It's not as bulky as people think.

dhawk, youch! Your words cut deep, man. But in all seriousness, we developed the Meteor to, primarily, be a sports watch and are positioning it as such. Also interesting to note is the fact that the Meteor houses technology that powers features that other wearables in the market do not have (gyrometer, speaker, microphone) so it's not going to be as svelte as its contemporaries.

That said, I have been playing with a prototype of the meteor for weeks now and it is -very- light and unobtrusive. I actually didn't expect being able to fall asleep with it on my wrist on a nightly basis and I did! But then again, that -might- be a function of me being lazy, but I digress.

We're also planning to launch more bands and accessories in the future to suit individual styles and occasions so I hope that by then, we could change your mind about how attractive this is.

To bad I emailed them back the morning they sent me an email with their new shipping date and haven't heard back from them since. Even with the new customer support staff it's still the same old non-existent customer support. Seems like their just telling the press what they want to hear.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Hey man, my name is Mike and I'm the VP of Marketing over here at Kreyos and I want to be the first to say how terribly sorry we are for this. As mentioned, we have beefed up our customer happiness team recently and everyone's busy catching up with the queue. Trust that we're doing this right.

If nobody has gotten back to you yet, please send me an email at mike [at] with your OID and I'll personally see to it that this gets processed ASAP


This is really bad that you guys updated your site way after u decided to ship.
I When I ordered it said March and the moment the confirmation email came , it said April. Had I know earlier, I would have shipped the device to a different country where I am travelling to in April .

I have repeatedly emailed to find no response.
Its all fine to have issues and rectify it , but its even more important to update communications, and also respond to the email.

Very disappointed.

Ok Mike,

Now it's time to grow some balls and come clean with us. So you missed the April deadline, you then said that we would all have shipping details by the end of July- it is now 17 August and still have got nothing and heard nothing. The few people that have received the device report it is a total fail, the speaker is next to useless, it is not waterproof and loads of software issues. Come on Mike, pull your head out the sand and tell us WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???

Why can't we either get our money back or a definite time as to when we will get our devices. Kreyos constantly keep reporting back that this is not their problem but a problem with their distributors. WRONG!! If Kreyos have a problem with their distributor then it is YOUR problem, and it is for you to rectify and not simply wash your hands of it

Thanks for getting on top this Adam. I am really looking forward to this. Btw: do you know id HOT is on schedule?

I agree its not the best looking. Penble , hot, I'm etc etc have it beat in that department. But for me its a sports watch. Functional and suits my needs. I'm not going to wear it to work!!!!

Thank you for the support. We really want to give you guys a smartwatch that is fully functional and versatile. And that's definitely what we're aiming for.

Meant to say. I was atracted to kreyos cos it popped out if the band and I could mount the belt Clip on my bike. After the delay I thought how important is that feature? Perhaps the hot might work. So on a cycle I tried to check my current watch whilst moving on my bike. Surprisingly difficult I have to say especially when bowling along at 20mph. So the design is still a key differentiator for me. I looked at ways to mount other styles on my bike but haven't found any thing satisfactory. The shipping delay is annoying but it gives a bit of time to see if anything else is released in the meantime that might be better.

Hey man, the idea of the main piece of the meteor being detachable is to provide different mounting/wearing options for our users. At the moment, the current version of the meteor can slide in to a watchband, a beltclip and a lanyard (which, incidentally, you can tie around snugly around your bike's handlebars. I'm an avid mountainbiker myself and I do this). We're actually considering a whole bunch of other mounting options (i.e. a proper bike mount that clamps on the handlebars) but that would probably come after we ship. Getting these out as soon as possible remains our top priority.

I couldn't figure out how the lanyard fitted to handlebars. The belt Clip I plan on fitting right in the centre (on the stem) with cable ties.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Kreyos also has SWF as a resource to get info out to the public.  Hopefully they will keep us in the loop, as we are a THE smart watch site!

I backed this thing for $100. Anyone who has ever backed anything on a crowd funding site knows there are ALWAYS delays. I've since purchased/backed three more smart watches. I'm no longer a kreyos fan but will not cancel it. For the cost someone will take it off my hands when it delivers in most likely June or july

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Rhineym, Terribly sorry for the delay. Trust me, We're as frustrated as you are but remain committed to getting these to you ASAP. Thank you for not canceling. We're confident that we'd still be able to blow you away with the final product (or products if you factor in that we're also developing a kick-ass mobile and web app to supplement the hardware).

Hey kreyos team. People are bound to be dissapointed. We are like kids that have just been told that Christmas has been delayed by 3 months.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

The only question that Kreyos need to answer is regarding this statement that is still on their home page

“Kreyos has tested, dropped, hit, dunked, tested again – and discovered that the Kreyos Meteor is READY FOR PRODUCTION”

This can be nothing more than an absolute lie as you have found 2 problems that have caused a 6 month delay, you weren’t ready for production and clearly needed money to continue the development of the product until it was ready, shameful.

Hey - connectedly...

When are you going to follow up on this article - it is July and the watches still have not shipped. Pull some journalist strings and get this guy back for a followup.

Help the backers out and see if we're going to get screwed over or get a watch this year.

I echo this statement. Apparently some have gone out to pre-orders in preference to backers (like me). There's been a multitude of issues ranging from a terrible sounding speaker, watches not being waterproof, syncing issues, software issues (the supposedly updated app on iOS crashes on login for me 100% of the time) etc etc. Would it be possible to get in touch with Kreyos for a follow up interview?

Connectedly need to follow up on this interview and kick some ass at Kreyos. They are quick enough to take free publicity when it suits, but now they need to be brought to task over their total fail of ALL aspects of this project.

I would have to agree. The Kreyos is a good idea, but the release of a flawed product is made worse by the lack on 'real' response from the company.

Steve Tan (and 'Kreyos Happiness Advocates') have stated that they will update weekly. Well I guess they do, but only if you are talking about being on Mercury (with its 53 'day' day).

The basics are that the applications, firmware updating and watch function are 'spotty' (could not write down what I really wanted to say). In this article Steve mentions that the speaker sounded bad. Well when I tried to use the Meteor (as hands free phone) last night with someone, he stated (25 yrs in Computer/IT and sound industry) that it was like talking to some on on a Motorola 3300 when he had a metal bucket over his head. Speaker not clear for me, and echoes and static intrusion for him.

Then, notifications. When they work, well heck, not bad. Little hard to scroll due to the buttons stiffness, but not back. Success rate though is about 0.5%. i.e. 5 notifications out of 500 emails/messages over 3 days.

What about recording the 'Steps' and distance correctly? It is meant to be 6 axis right? why does the Pebble work better on 3?

Although I would like to see something new get up and work, I feel that the only 'new' thing will be including legal action and warrants.

(Kreyos - prove me wrong, hire people to catchup on manuals, applications, daily updates etc)