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Is the iPod touch the perfect remote for your connected home?

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By Richard Devine on 5 Jul 2014 09:26 am

In the past couple of weeks Apple has relaunched its iPod touch line bringing the prices down and adding a camera and different colors to the 16GB model. Rene Ritchie over on iMore re-explored the place the iPod touch has in Apple's lineup and who it might be best for and brought up some great points for folks with a connected home. Might it be the perfect universal remote?

It might seem like overkill, but if you price a fancy universal remote you'll see they're just as expensive as an entry-level iPod touch and not only aren't they anywhere nearly as capable, what passes for software on them is beyond rage inducing.

iOS has a strong ecosystem of apps and just looking at some of the more popular choices such as Philips Hue, Sonos, WeMo and Nest, all are catered for with official apps on iOS already. Add to that Microsoft's Xbox One Smartglass app and the Apple Remote app for Apple TV and already you've covered heating, lighting, entertainment and more besides.

There's also an insanely strong third-party developer ecosystem on iOS, and we've got the promise of Apple Homekit on the horizon that surely opens up endless possibilities. You can control all of this on a device that costs from £159/$199 and has good battery life and everything else that iOS has to offer. And of course, the kids can use it to play Angry Birds. Tell that to your fancy universal remote.

So, what do you think? Is the iPod touch something you already deploy in such a way or would you now consider picking one up to control your connected home? Sound off in the comments below!

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Is the iPod touch the perfect remote for your connected home?


Actually, I plan to use my current iPhone 5s as a remote once I upgrade this fall. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get the BlackBerry Classic. I plan to buy the upcoming release of the Apple TV. The iPhone 5s will be a great remote/emergency backup phone combo.

But, if I didn't have an iPhone that I'm planning to retire, I would definitely get an iPod Touch. The iOS interface is nice and simple. Even my non-tech savvy mom can figure out an iOS app remote.

For the price I'd rather go with the Moto G. I bought one for my kids to use as a camera when Best Buy had the verizon prepaid version for $50. Add another ~ $30 for an otterbox and they've got a rugged connected camera for just a touch more than the crappy "kid" cameras.

You can pickup the Boost Mobile version for $79 or the Verizon one for $99 right now. Even at $99 it is still a much better value unless you really need the extra storage or some IOS specific features.