The new GoPro Hero4 Session camera is almost ready to be sold. The new cube sized camera now features a waterproof case, shoots at 1440p at 30 FPS, and can take up to 10 pictures per second at 8 mega pixel quality. But not all the new features are an improvement over the regular GoPro Hero4. Let's see what some of the best gadget reviewers in the biz think about it:


It's also small enough that were probably going to see it in some interesting places.... in porn

Source: Wired

2. The Verge

The only problem with it is it's $399, that's the same price and the GoPro Hero 4 Silver that let's you shoot in higher framerates, has a screen on the back and doesn't require you to use your phone to change settings

Source: The Verge


If you can live with the price and what it lacks to get the size and weight down, this is a welcome addition to the GoPro's lineup

Source: CNET

4. WallStreet Journal

But GoPro had to make some compromises to fit all of that in a tiny package. The Sessions 2 hour battery can't be removed, the the image sensor is not as a good as other GoPro Hero 4 cameras, so you can forget night-shots

Source: WallStreet Journal

5. Where to Buy?

The GoPro Hero4 Session goes for sale on July 12, Get notified when it's available.